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What To Look For In A Valet Trash Company

Due to explosive demand for valet trash services, there are now thousands of valet trash companies around the country. As a result, there are more options than ever before for property managers when it comes to valet trash services. Unfortunately, more choices means an increased chance of making the wrong choice. To help property managers avoid hiring the wrong company, we’ve answered the question, “what to look for in a valet trash company?”.

Important Service Based Questions


Do your employees wear uniforms?

This is an important question to ask because the trash valets providing the services to your property will be visiting the door of every unit multiple nights per week. Uniforms make it easy for residents to discern the stranger in the building is a trash valet.

Do you have any local references?

Before hiring a valet trash service, property managers should check references. This is actually a great process to avoid hiring bad contractors for any service. When it comes to valet trash services, make sure references meet these three key criteria:

  1. Location – the properties should be located in your market
  2. Property Size – references should have similarly sized properties in terms of units
  3. Property Type – if you have a senior living or student housing property so should the references

Lastly, ask if they are working with any other properties your company manages. There is no better reference than a co-worker currently using the service.

Are you a member of any industry associations?

The most reputable and established valet trash companies are members of the National Apartment Association via their local chapters. While this should not be a make or break qualification, choosing a contractor that actively supports the multifamily industry is always a great choice.

Get A Valet Trash Bid


How many doors do you currently service?

For valet trash companies, the number of doors (units) they service is extremely important, because it dictates how much revenue they generate. A company that services less than 1,000 doors, would be considered extremely small. The largest valet trash companies service hundreds of thousands of doors. Again this not a deal breaker, but helps indicate the overall size of the company.

Do you offer Saturday or off-peak pick up?

This question is most important for specialty properties, such as student housing because typical valet trash service is not offered on the weekend. If your property generates large volumes of trash on the weekend, it is important to know up-front if your valet trash company can accommodate these special collections.

Valet Trash Contract Terms

First and foremost, make sure you are comfortable with the valet trash contract. This goes beyond the basics, like pricing. While pricing is important, the most important terms in the contract will cover the frequency of the service being provided, cancelling the service, contract renewal, fee schedules for residents, and payment terms. The final item, payment terms, refers to how and when the property manager will have to pay the valet trash service company.

One of the most important terms has to do with paying for unoccupied units and delinquent units. The industry standard for valet trash is paying for every door at the property, regardless of whether it is occupied or delinquent. It is important for property managers to understand this because they might not be collecting the valet trash fee on every door every month, but they are still required to pay for the unit.

Valet Trash Pricing

While most valet trash companies have similar price points, it is still a key part of choosing the right vendor. The difference of even $0.25 per door can mean $1,000’s over the life of the contract. For example, $0.25 per door at a 400 unit complex is a difference of $100 per month. Considering most valet trash contracts run for at least 3 years, that extra $0.25 is actually worth $3,600. A $1.00 per door difference would be an extra $14,440!

Finding a Qualified Valet Trash Company

The final step in choosing a valet trash service is locating qualified companies to provide a bid. While it can be challenging to find qualified contractors, there are numerous resources for finding valet trash companies. Our valet trash service guide breaks down the industry’s top regional and national vendors. Another way to find a qualified valet trash vendor is using our BidSource team. Just fill out the form below with your property details to be connected with a qualified valet trash company!

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