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Which State Pays the Highest Property Manager Salary?

If you’re in the field of property management, there’s no shortage of jobs to be had. In fact, because home ownership is still near all-time lows, the number of rental properties has skyrocketed. Whether you prefer residential properties or commercial properties, the job market is ripe with opportunities. To care for a property, you must Read more about Which State Pays the Highest Property Manager Salary?[…]

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What is BOMI International?

While many property managers have heard of BOMA, they might not be familiar with BOMI International. Short for Building Owners and Managers Institute International, the organization is a non-profit educational institute specifically for property and facility managers. Established in 1970, BOMI International has created industry wide standards for property and facility management training, education, and Read more about What is BOMI International?[…]

Apartment Manager Salary And Employee on Binders On Work Desk

Apartment Manager Salary: A Realistic Look

Strong Real Estate Market Impacting The Average Apartment Manager Salary The real estate market is strengthening throughout the US, and people in all aspects of real estate are benefiting. This includes rental properties and the apartment managers that keep them running. As a result, now is the perfect time to apply for apartment management jobs. Read more about Apartment Manager Salary: A Realistic Look[…]

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How to Become a Property Manager: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Become a Property Manager: A Beginner’s Guide By 2020, revenue for property management in the United States will be more than $70 billion a year. If you’re considering a career change, property management could be an excellent option for you. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to Read more about How to Become a Property Manager: A Beginner’s Guide[…]

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Rental Amenities Failing To Match Renter’s Needs

Where are Renters Struggling to Find Homes with the Amenities they Desire? Supply & Demand of Rental Amenities   In Apartment List’s new study, researchers analyzed a renter survey to discover unique insights into which amenities renters are seeking in their next home. In some locations, the amenities that renters are looking for don’t always Read more about Rental Amenities Failing To Match Renter’s Needs[…]

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Top Property Management Certifications

Benefits of Property Management Certifications   Benefits to Property Managers Property management certifications offer numerous benefits to property managers. First and foremost, certified property managers earn higher salaries. Additionally, it is a proven way to advance your property management career. Organizations want to hire the best talent, and earning a certification demonstrates direct industry knowledge. Read more about Top Property Management Certifications[…]

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Introducing Property Manager Insider’s BidSource

What is BidSource? BidSource is the leading online tool property managers use to find contractors. Using project information, it matches property managers with qualified local contractors that specialize in working with property management companies. Let’s say you needed to find an apartment painting contractor or laundry equipment provider for a multi-family property. Just submit your Read more about Introducing Property Manager Insider’s BidSource[…]

Top Apartment Amenities to Attract Millennials Include Roof Top Pools and Tennis Courts

Top Apartment Amenities to Attract Millennials

Top Apartment Amenities to Attract Millennials Unless you manage a specialty multi-family property, your property better appeal to millennials. With the student debt exceeding $1.4 trillion and affordable housing inventories at all time lows, millennials are prime targets for apartment leasing offices. However, they are looking for more that just a place to live when Read more about Top Apartment Amenities to Attract Millennials[…]

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Important Valet Trash Service Contract Terms

Read Important Terms Before Signing   Before signing a valet trash service contract, property managers need to spend time reviewing the contract terms. Four key areas of the contract are especially relevant to property managers: Payment Terms Cancellation Terms Service Terms Renewal Terms While the contracts will cover other terms, these are the most important Read more about Important Valet Trash Service Contract Terms[…]

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Top Apartment Staffing Companies

Solutions For Unexpected Hiring Needs Even the most stable apartment management companies experience sudden job openings due to unforeseen circumstances. While the short term loss of one employee can be manageable, under staffing a property long term can cause major problems. Consequently, property managers need a reliable staffing company they can turn to for help Read more about Top Apartment Staffing Companies[…]

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