Keeping asphalt in good shape is a big job for property managers. Sealcoating is key to this task. This article shows why sealcoating matters and how it saves money by keeping parking lots and driveways strong.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sealcoating acts as a protective barrier for asphalt, blocking harmful effects from water, UV rays, and chemicals and saving money on future repairs.
  • Before choosing a sealcoating service, it’s vital to check the company’s reputation and experience, understand the types of materials they use, and get insights into their application process.
  • Property managers should break down service quotes to see exactly what they’re paying for and ask about warranties or guarantees that ensure long-term protection.
  • Proper scheduling of sealcoating during low traffic times can help avoid disruptions, while regular maintenance ensures the pavement’s longevity.
  • Weather conditions significantly affect the sealcoating process; therefore, planning applications during optimal weather ensures better adherence and durability of the coat.

Understanding Sealcoating and Its Importance

What Property Managers Need To Know About Sealcoating Services Fences

Sealcoating acts like a shield for asphalt streets and lots, blocking out water, oils, and U.V. rays that can cause damage. This process uses a mixture of protective substances including coal tar or acrylics to keep the surface strong and less prone to cracks and potholes.

Definition of sealcoating

Sealcoating is a protective layer that property managers apply to asphalt pavements. This coat acts as a barrier, safeguarding the surface from oil spills, gasoline leaks, and other damaging substances.

It also shields the pavement from harsh weather conditions such as UV rays and rainfall. By doing so, sealcoating prevents potholes and cracks from forming on the surface.

Applying this protective layer not only extends the life of asphalt surfaces but also saves money in the long run by reducing repair costs. Sealcoating uses materials like bitumen or acrylic-based solutions to create a tough coat over paved areas including parking lots and sidewalks.

Regular application ensures these surfaces stay in good condition for longer periods, making it a crucial part of any property maintenance strategy.

Benefits of sealcoating for asphalt pavement

Sealcoating acts as a shield for asphalt paving, keeping harmful UV rays and water at bay. This barrier slows down oxidation and erosion, slashing the need for repairs. By doing this, it not only stretches the pavement’s life but also cuts maintenance costs.

Think of sealcoating like sunscreen and a raincoat for your pavement; it blocks damaging elements from reaching the surface.

This process also makes asphalt look sleek with its smooth, dark finish boosting curb appeal. It guards against oil and gasoline spills too, simplifying clean-up efforts. For property managers mindful of their budget and appearance standards, incorporating regular sealcoating into maintenance schedules proves wise.

It preserves your investment longer while ensuring your property stays looking sharp and professional.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Sealcoating Service

Picking the right sealcoating company matters a lot. You want one with a strong track record and knows how to use the best materials for your pavement. They should also show you how they apply the sealer using top-notch equipment.

This ensures your asphalt stays in great shape, protecting it from wear and tear.

Reputation and experience of the company

Checking the track record and customer reviews of a sealcoating company is vital before making a choice. Property managers should seek a service provider known for quality work and solid customer satisfaction.

A company with many years in the business often means they know how to handle different asphalt sealcoating projects successfully. Look for those who have earned respect in the industry for their reliability, professionalism, and integrity.

Researching the company’s past projects gives insights into their ability to meet clients’ needs effectively. Reading client testimonials can reveal much about a company’s commitment to excellence and detail-oriented approach to pavement maintenance.

Choosing an experienced and reputable sealcoating service sets a property manager up for success, ensuring that curbs, blacktops, and pavements receive top-quality care.

Next, let’s explore the types of sealcoating materials used by these companies.

Types of sealcoating materials used

Asphalt emulsion sealcoating stands out as a top pick for property managers. Its strength shields pavements from UV damage and keeps water at bay, making it ideal for keeping asphalt in good shape.

This type of sealcoat blends easily with polymer additives, boosting its ability to protect and extend the life of parking lots and driveways.

Coal tar sealcoating offers unmatched protection against harsh chemicals and tough weather conditions. It’s made from coal tar pitch mixed with fillers like silica sand to improve its durability.

Property managers often choose this for areas exposed to oil spills or heavy traffic because it forms a strong barrier that lasts through seasons, safeguarding the asphalt beneath.

Application process and equipment used

The application process for sealcoating starts with a thorough cleaning of the asphalt surface. Crews fix any cracks and potholes next. Finally, they apply the sealant. This step requires special equipment to ensure quality work.

Tools like crack cleaning machines, preparation tools for asphalt, and various applicators are essential. Each plays a unique role in preparing and finishing the surface effectively.

Different types of equipment ensure the sealant covers evenly and lasts longer. Spray systems quickly cover large areas, while squeegee machines work best on uneven surfaces. For detailed jobs, brush application allows precise control around edges and in tight spaces.

Choosing the right method depends on your pavement’s condition and size.

Moving on, comparing service quotes is vital for property managers looking for value.

How to Compare Sealcoating Service Quotes

Comparing sealcoating service quotes requires a sharp eye for detail. First, break down the costs to see what you’re really paying for. This might include labor, materials like bituminous mixtures or solvents, and any special equipment like line stripers they plan to use.

Next, don’t shy away from asking about warranties or promises they make about their work’s longevity. It’s equally vital to request examples of previous projects and reach out to those clients for feedback.

This step ensures you’re not just going by word of mouth but have solid proof of quality workmanship.

Understanding the breakdown of costs

The breakdown of costs for sealcoating services depends on several factors. The size of your property and the current condition of the pavement play big roles in determining the price.

The type of sealcoating solution, whether it’s bituminous-based or another kind of binder, also affects cost. Each element adds to or reduces the overall expense.

Knowing these costs helps property managers plan their budgets better throughout the year. It guides them in making wise choices when selecting a contractor for their asphalt maintenance needs.

By understanding where each dollar goes, property managers can ensure they get quality service that matches what they spend on sealants, application processes, and equipment used for spreading liquid cement over surfaces.

Inquire about warranties and guarantees

Asking about warranties and guarantees is crucial when choosing sealcoating services. Different companies offer various protection plans, so it’s smart to compare them. Some provide warranties for many years, while others guarantee the quality of their work.

Make sure to understand what each warranty covers and how long it lasts. This knowledge can give you peace of mind knowing your investment is safe.

Find out the details of these protections before making a decision. Check what aspects of the service they cover and for how long you’re protected. Getting clear information helps you pick the best service for your property, ensuring value and safety in your choice.

Ask for references and past projects

Check the past projects and references of any sealcoating service before making a decision. This step helps reveal their quality of work and reliability. Talk to previous clients to get firsthand information about their experience with the service.

Did they find the sealcoat durable against UV damage? Were there issues with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons? Understanding these aspects can guide you in choosing a contractor who meets your standards.

Look at photos or visit completed projects if possible. Seeing actual results gives you a clear picture of what to expect for your property’s asphalt pavement. Note how well the aggregate in the sealcoat has held up over time.

Also, pay attention to feedback regarding customer service and post-job cleanup. Moving on, consider scheduling strategies that minimize disruption on your property.

Additional Tips for Property Managers

For property managers eager to keep their asphalt in top shape, planning sealcoating jobs during times of little use and staying on top of regular upkeep can make a big difference.

Knowing how weather affects the sealing process and keeping clear lines of communication open with your sealcoating provider are key moves for success. Explore more insights to manage your property effectively.

Scheduling sealcoating during low traffic times

Choosing the right time for sealcoating is crucial. Property managers should plan these services during periods of low activity on their properties. This strategy helps avoid major disruptions for tenants and customers, ensuring smooth operations.

Early mornings or weekends often work best, as fewer people are around.

Informing tenants and customers about the schedule ahead of time is also essential. Clear communication allows everyone to adjust their plans accordingly, reducing potential frustrations.

Using signs and online notices helps spread the word efficiently. Keeping everyone informed ensures a seamless process from start to finish.

Regular maintenance and touch-ups

After planning the best times for sealcoating to minimize disruptions, staying on top of maintenance and quick fixes becomes key. Property managers must schedule regular check-ups for their pavement.

This step helps catch any small issues like cracks or holes early on. Fixing these problems promptly keeps them from getting worse and saves money down the line.

Proper care also ensures that the protective coating lasts longer. Using quality products during these touch-ups matters too. Good sealants protect against wear from vehicles, harmful sun rays, and other types of weather damage.

Keeping a close eye on your pavement’s condition and acting fast when repairs are needed will make your investment in sealcoating pay off by extending its life.

Understanding the impact of weather on sealcoating

Weather greatly affects how well sealcoating sticks to asphalt. If it’s too cold, below 50°F, the sealcoat won’t dry or stick properly. This can make the pavement less durable and more prone to damage.

The ideal time for applying sealcoating is during spring or fall. During these seasons, temperatures are usually above 50°F with lower humidity levels, creating perfect conditions for the sealcoat to cure.

Contractors must check the weather forecast before starting a job. Rain or intense heat soon after application can ruin the curing of a sealcoat. Experience plays a big role here; knowledgeable contractors understand how to choose the right days for sealing pavements based on expected weather conditions.

This ensures that property managers get a smooth finish and longer-lasting protection against u.v. damage and other elements found in crude oils and PAHs contained in some solids used in sealcoats.

Importance of communication with the sealcoating company

Good communication with your sealcoating company sets the foundation for a successful project. By clearly expressing your budget, timeline, and specific needs, you help ensure they understand exactly what you’re looking for.

This exchange of information allows both sides to align their expectations and work towards the same goal efficiently.

Keeping in touch with the sealcoating team also keeps you informed about how the project progresses. You can quickly address any concerns that come up, making sure everything runs smoothly.

This ongoing dialogue not only helps solve problems but also aids in making well-informed decisions regarding your property’s upkeep. A strong communication link fosters a collaborative working environment leading to top-notch results and satisfaction on both ends.


Sealcoating services shield asphalt from damage and extend its life. Picking a reputable company ensures top-notch work. Costs break down clearly in quotes, revealing the value of warranties.

Scheduling during low traffic times reduces tenant inconvenience. Weather plays a big role in planning service times. Communication with the contractor smooths the whole process, keeping surfaces in prime condition for years.

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1. What are sealcoating services?

Sealcoating services involve applying a protective layer to asphalt pavements to shield them from damages caused by water, oils, and UV rays.

2. How can property managers find the best pricing for sealcoating services?

Property managers can compare prices from different service providers online or ask for quotes directly to get the best deal on sealcoating services.

3. Will sealcoating increase my property’s value?

Yes, regularly maintaining your pavement with sealcoating can enhance its appearance and longevity, potentially increasing your property’s overall value.

4. Can I book sealcoating services through an online store?

Many companies offer online booking options for their sealcoating services, making it convenient for property managers to schedule and manage their pavement maintenance needs efficiently.