Winter Ready Commercial Roof

Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Winter

As the leaves begin to change colors and fall to the ground, we are reminded that the long, winter season is just around the corner. Between now and the first freeze, it is important that you are proactive in preparing your commercial roof for winter. While it might not seem important, preparing for winter helps extend the life of your commercial roof while avoiding the costs of a full roof replacement. Here are three key items every property manager should add to their winter roof prep checklist.

Check Your Roofs’ Insulation

A key part of preparing your commercial roof for winter is checking the insulation. A well-insulated commercial roof can go a long way in eliminating common winter roofing problems. This is especially true for properties in markets with heavy snowfall. First, a well-insulated roof helps block out the cold and retain building heat, which can improve energy efficiency. Second, it can prevent leaks and water damage from snow melts. When preparing your commercial roof for winter, be sure to check the insulation.

Test Your Roofs’ Drainage System

Have a professional roof inspector check your drainage systems to avoid freezing water. All pipes, gutters, and drains should be clear to allow easy water flow. By being proactive and taking care of any problems beforehand, you will avoid further damage down the road to your roof even before the snow and ice hits.

Inspect Your Roof For Miscellaneous Debris

Preparing your roof for winter means cleaning up after the fall. It is common in the fall for flat commercial roofs to get covered in debris, such as leaves falling off trees. Unfortunately, many commercial buildings are outfitted with residential gutters, so this debris is not properly carried off the roof. This can cause clogged gutters, water pooling, and mold and mildew growth. To avoid these potential problems, make sure to clear your roof of debris when preparing it for winter.

Who Can Help Me Prepare?

Winter preparation is a key part of extending your commercial roofs life and can help prevent major problems. Property managers should develop a relationship with a commercial roofing contractor who can help prepare their roof for winter. Often, winter preparation is part of a commercial roof maintenance plan. If you do not have a reliable commercial roofer, contact Property Manager Insider and our team can help find one in your local market!


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