Worker Extending Commercial Roof Life By Repairing Insulation

Average Commercial Roof Life

According to most major manufacturers and roofing contractors, commercial roof life can average anywhere from 20 to 60+ years depending on the type of roof that is installed. Three of the most common types of roofing, architectural asphalt shingle, flat membrane, and metal, all have varying life expectancies:

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing Systems – 20 to 30 years
  • Flat Membrane Roofing Systems – 20 to 25 years
  • Flat Metal Roofing Systems – 40 to 60+ years

The above averages are consensus estimates that are greatly impacted by numerous factors that property managers can and cannot control.

Factors Impacting Commercial Roof Life

When it comes to the factors that impact the life of a commercial roofing system, property managers face variables they can control, and variables they cannot control. What factors can they control? Property managers can control both the quality of the system and having a regular roof maintenance plan in place. Properly caring for your roof will extend its useful life. What factors can’t be controlled? Primarily weather and climate. A harsh environment, or a mild environment, can reduce or extend commercial roof life. These factors can dictate which type of roofing system makes the most sense for your property. When you are ready to replace your roof be sure to find a roofing contractor that is knowledgeable about the best systems for your local climate.

Why Commercial Roof Life Matters

Replacing a commercial roof is a major project. On larger buildings, costs can quickly exceed $1,000,000 to remove and replace the roof. Beyond being a major capital expense, replacing a commercial roof is often a complex logistical project. It can take weeks or months and depending on your property, be disruptive to tenants, residents, and customers. Make sure to get multiple roofing bids and choose a roofing system that makes sense for both your budget and your property. After replacing your roof, maintain your investment with a roof maintenance plan.


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