In 1981, an American company coined the term “intelligent buildings.” These scientists and engineers visualized a future where buildings would manage themselves via technology.

Are we now in that future? It seems we might be. Technological innovations mean we can now walk into a room and voice-command the lights and heating.

These newer designs are making their way into commercial environments, too. This guide will explore some exciting 2024 industry insights transforming commercial HVAC maintenance.

Advances in IoT Devices

IoT stands for Internet of Things. It refers to physical devices that connect to the internet. It can include things like sensors or trackers, for example.

IoT also has applications in energy technology, including HVAC systems. That might include additional monitoring tools, for example, that tell you when an HVAC system needs repair or maintenance.

That’s got the potential to change the way we repair HVAC technology. It helps maintenance teams spot problems before they become more expensive and complex to solve.

It can also make systems more energy efficient. For example, adjusting the thermostat to environmental conditions helps save money on bills.

Connected HVAC systems also use IoT technology. These connected systems provide remote control and monitoring tools. They help your HVAC connect with other technology for your building.

Predictive Maintenance Technology With AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyze billions of data sets that would be impossible for humans. It provides a considerable advantage in examining data and making accurate predictions.

That has benefits in the world of HVAC systems. Sensors in HVAC systems, using AI, can detect subtle changes or anomalies that could predict future problems.

This technology, via reporting tools, can alert teams to a potential fault. It gives a maintenance engineer time to get into the system and repair or replace faulty parts before a breakdown happens.

Plus, machine learning means this technology is likely to get better. It will become more accurate and help HVAC owners save money and time, keeping their systems running optimally.

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Sustainable Technology

Environmental concerns are ever-present. And there is an increasing demand for HVAC systems to become more eco-friendly and reduce our impact on the planet.

The environmental priority with HVAC systems is three-fold. It includes:

  • Developing energy recovery technology with more energy-efficiency
  • The use of more sustainable refrigerants
  • The use of renewable energy sources like solar

These three things, taken together, can have a massive impact on commercial buildings. It’s the best way for commercial setups to become more sustainable.

It also offers a notable benefit to commercial property owners. In the long run, sustainable energy could provide massive cost savings when businesses rely less on fossil fuels.

A more demanding regulatory environment also drives this sustainability trend. Having eco-friendly HVAC systems will help you stay compliant, too.

You’ll be ready to handle any new and stringent environmental laws the government introduces.

Scalable HVAC Technology

Commercial property owners sometimes face barriers to expanding their buildings. They could find themselves in a situation where they want to expand but face limits in infrastructure. Newer HVAC technology addresses this problem.

Advances in HVAC designs mean these systems are becoming easier to scale. They are modular so you can add extra parts instead of a complete replacement.

These designs help you expand a commercial building more quickly. For example, you don’t have to start from scratch with your heating and air conditioning to accommodate new office space.

That saves cost and time and gives property managers the benefit of selling new commercial space without delays.

These module systems are also easier to customize. Therefore, you can optimize them for the environment, reducing long-term energy expenditure.

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Better Air Quality

Future HVAC systems will work hard to give commercial spaces the best air quality. So, it’s going to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of your residents and their teams.

One way newer HVAC systems can offer this is with advanced sensors. These can detect allergens or pollutants in the air before they become a noticeable problem for your HVAC system.

Smart HVAC technology can adjust the system continually based on these sensors, helping optimize any environment. That could be a potential selling point for commercial property managers.

It’s a way to offer residents the chance to work in more advanced buildings with superior air quality compared to what they might find elsewhere.

Newer filtration technology can also improve air quality. These filters are better at reducing small contaminants in an environment that older filters may miss.

That technology is advantageous if you have residents in industries where air quality is crucial, such as semiconductors or medical research.

Voice Controls

Voice controls are no longer a novel feature in most high-tech buildings. They have become a standard and convenient way of managing technology in buildings.

Expect to see more voice technology available in future HVAC systems.

For example, you can control temperature and humidity via voice. It’s easier and a bonus for busy office workers. So, it’s a great addition to any commercial space.

Reporting Tools

We are past when a maintenance technician would have to take apart an HVAC system to determine the problem. Smart technology, coupled with advanced reporting, means you’ll have this information on a screen.

It makes it easier to maintain systems.

For example, you can get early alerts about a part issue and have time to order a spare – all without incurring downtime for a commercial property manager, which translates to happier residents and lower maintenance costs.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance: 2024 and a Year of Change

Are we witnessing a revolution in building maintenance? We may be. A brief look at the latest news, and you’ll see all sorts of AI, machine learning, and smart technology making their way into all aspects of our lives.

If you are a property manager, it is time to learn about these innovations. Introducing them into your commercial buildings could help you save money and attract new residents.

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