In the U.S. there are almost 6 million commercial buildings! But as this number grows, so does the competition to find residents for your properties.

This means keeping your commercial properties in great condition and looking presentable. To achieve this it is important to understand the maintenance needs of your units.

This article provides a detailed guide on performing commercial property maintenance. We cover formulating a maintenance plan, as well as what exterior and interior areas to focus on.

Establish a Maintenance Plan

Before looking at the specifics of managing a property, let’s cover maintenance planning. A clear plan of how and when you will do inspections and repairs will help you keep on top of everything you need to do.

There are several benefits to creating a plan for your property.

It allows you to create a budget for maintenance and repairs. Focus on allocating an amount each month towards repairs. Then you have funds to cover if anything unexpected crops up.

Having a plan is also beneficial from the perspective of safety and legal compliance. It shows you are proactive in ensuring that the property meets local regulations.

Forward planning also allows more efficiency, which will minimize disruptions to residents. It will also ease the minds of your residents, as this reduces their chance of accidents or injuries.

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Areas for Exterior Maintenance

Now, let’s move on to exterior maintenance. Depending on your property, you can use those that apply to your maintenance plan.

Roof Maintenance

One area that often gets neglected is roofing and gutters. But, maintaining the roof is important for preserving the property’s structural integrity.

Keeping the gutters clean is crucial for drainage from the roof. If not, then leaves and other debris can build up and stop their functionality.

This can lead to leaks and water damage to the underside of the roof. In some extreme cases, it can also seep down the building and damage the foundations.

It is dangerous to do this work for yourself. So hire a roof maintenance professional to do at least bi-annual inspections.

They will check for cracked or loose shingles and rust or sagging in the gutters. They can also clean off any moss or debris lodged on the roof.


Professional landscaping improves the curb appeal and accessibility of commercial buildings. Having a presentable exterior will make it much more attractive to prospective residents!

Keep everything trimmed and watered, and do regular weeding. If you have paved or tiled areas, make sure these get power-washed often. This reduces safety risks from slipping or tripping, especially during colder months.

Landscaping outdoor areas will also cut costs in the long term. This is because low-maintenance landscaping means less need for irrigation and rigorous upkeep.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Having a well-maintained parking lot is critical for your commercial property. It will make the building more accessible and improve user safety.

Keep the surface clear from debris and do a regular powerwash on the entire surface. It is also a good idea to prevent water from building up, as this causes cracking and potholes.

Work with an asphalt specialist who can do regular inspections and repair any damage. During winter months, don’t forget to keep it clear of snow and ice.

Maintaining Your Interiors


Now, let’s cover the maintenance needs of the interior of a commercial property. Complete these things alongside a regular cleaning routine to maintain a hygienic environment.

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Check and Upgrade HVAC Systems

Servicing the heating, cooling, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is an integral part of maintaining a property.

Get an HVAC expert to check over your system at least once per year. They will check that there are no loose parts, no leaks, and that the filters are clean.

It may be worth upgrading your system to a newer model in older properties. Not only will this reduce the need for constant repairs, but it will likely be more efficient.

Elevator Upkeep

Keeping your building’s elevators well-maintained is vital for resident safety. They are also often one of the first things that residents interact with within the building. So you want them to have a pleasant experience.

Depending on how much use it gets, have it inspected by an elevator technician at least once a year. Elevators with high footfall or carrying heavy loads should be checked more often.

Safety & Security Systems


It is paramount that all the safety and security systems get checked on a regular basis. Do tests of the fire, carbon monoxide, and burglar alarms to check their batteries.

Sprinkler or emergency lighting systems should also be kept in good working condition. This allows you to comply with any local and national safety requirements.

You should also check on the security cameras and locking systems every few months.

Building Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an often overlooked concept by commercial property managers. But without reviewing it regularly, you can end up overspending in lots of areas.

One idea which is easy to put in place is reducing electricity consumption. During building inspections, make a note to replace old lighting with LED bulbs. Pair this with sensors, so that lights are only on when necessary.

Updating your electricity system with solar panels is another great upgrade option. Although they can be a large investment upfront, their return over a long period of time is huge.

Windows, doors, and flooring are other areas that often reduce energy efficiency. They are often not well-sealed or insulated, so heating and cooling the building wastes a lot of energy.

Commercial Property Maintenance Made Simple

Now that you have a comprehensive guide to commercial property maintenance, you should be able to form your own plan of action. Following these property maintenance tips will help attract new residents and save money!

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