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Free guide to choosing a valet trash service

Due to the explosive growth of the valet trash industry, many property managers are familiar with the service. For those who aren’t, the premise is simple. Trash valets collect resident’s trash from special trash cans placed directly outside their doors. Accordingly, the service is also commonly called doorstep pick up.

On account of the industry’s explosive growth, thousands of valet trash companies have been started in the last 20 years. While this benefits property managers by creating price competition, it also makes it harder to choose a vendor. Since valet trash works to increase a property’s net operating income, choosing a valet trash service is an important decision. As a result, our BidSource team built a free guide to choosing a valet trash service for your property.

Does valet trash make sense for my property?

First and foremost, determine if a valet trash service is right for your property. Traditionally, valet trash services are a best fit with four types of multifamily properties:

  1. Garden and mid-rise properties
  2. On and off campus student housing
  3. Senior housing and assisted living
  4. Walk up condo’s and co-ops

While all four of those properties are a good match with valet trash services, the best fit is typically a 150+ unit, class A, garden style community. Conversely, urban high rise apartments with trash chutes and small properties with few units are historically bad fits for valet trash services.

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Be comfortable with the contract

Choosing a valet trash service is a major decision. Most valet trash companies partner with properties on multi-year contracts. As a result, it is very important property managers are comfortable with the valet trash company’s contract. In addition to the length of the relationship, the contract will also dictate minor, but important, details. These include frequency of collection, who pays for trash cans, and the per unit pick up cost, which determines the net operating income of your valet trash program.

Ask your vendor tons of questions

While this valet trash FAQ answers many common questions, ask potential service providers any additional questions that come up. This is especially important for property managers exploring a valet trash service for the first time. Additionally, property’s with special needs or requests need to ask relevant questions. Most frequently special service requests apply to student and senior housing.

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Check references and reviews

Before choosing a valet trash service, check their references and online reviews. When requesting references, make sure they provide contacts at similar properties. If a potential vendor will not provide references or their references do not check out, consider it a major red flag.

When reading online reviews, take them with a grain of salt, and consider the source. Many negative online reviews come from residents, not property managers. Valet trash companies have thousands of customers, because they provide a service to every resident at every property. In some cases, residents will post negative reviews simply because they do not want to pay for the service or are dissatisfied with the collection windows. While online reviews are useful, do not let them make or break your decision.

Request the proper documentation

While valet trash is a unique service, do not skip any requirements in place for choosing other contractors and vendors. Any potential valet trash service provider must follow the same steps in terms of vendor registrations as other contractors. Additionally, it is extremely important to check their and confirm their insurance information. Trash valets will be on your property frequently, increasing the outside chance of an accident. If a potential vendor does not have the proper insurance, it is reasonable to eliminate them from consideration.

Finding qualified valet trash vendors

The final step in choosing a valet trash service is locating qualified companies to provide a bid. While it can be challenging to find qualifed contractors, there are numerous resources for finding valet trash companies. First, the top valet trash companies belong to the National Apartment Association. Using their local chapter directories is a great way to find a qualified valet trash vendor. Additionally, our valet trash service guide breaks down the industry’s top regional and national vendors.

Another way to find a qualified valet trash vendor is using our BidSource team. Just fill out the form below with your property details to be connected with a qualified valet trash company!

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