Benefits of Annual TPO Roof Inspections Checklist

Benefits of Annual TPO Roof Inspections

There are many benefits of annual TPO roof inspections for property managers. First and foremost, a property’s roof is one of its most valuable and expensive assets. An annual inspection is one to protect this investment. Second, it is impossible for the untrained eye to detect minor roof damage. While any property manager can see a major tear or puncture, it takes a qualified roofing contractor to detect minor damage.

Finally, a quality roof inspection can’t be done from the ground. It requires going onto the roof to inspect. At many properties, this simply is not safe. Additionally, some TPO roofing systems will have areas that are hard to reach during an on-roof inspection, requiring the use of an aerial drone.

Looking for even more reasons to have your commercial roof inspected? Here are 4 additional benefits of annual TPO roof inspections.

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4 Benefits of Annual TPO Roof Inspections


1. Avoid Costly Long Term Leaks

Tiny roof leaks are capable of major damage. Unless they are addressed, roof leaks can cause major interior property damage. An annual, or even bi-annual, roof inspection is a great way to identify and correct these small leaks. The detection and repair of small leaks is the biggest reason to have your TPO roof inspected annually. Additionally, fixing these small leaks is a proven way to extend your TPO roof’s life.

2. Preparation for Seasonal Weather and Storms

Knowing that a TPO roof will stand up to seasonal weather is another benefit of an annual roof inspection. This is especially relevant in markets that experience intense weather patterns with the worst weather. An annual roof inspection creates peace of mind that a roof should not fall during a blizzard or tropical storm. Additionally, a roof inspection enables property managers to focus on more important issues, like tenant and property safety, during an emergency weather event.

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3. Avoid Disruptions to Property Operations

In general, a major TPO roof failure is disruptive to property operations. They can displace tenants, destroy inventory, or force a shut down in product manufacturing. While an inspection will not prevent a roof failure, it can detect the warning signs. Once a property manager knows their roof is nearing the end of its useful life, they can prepare for the next steps. In most cases, this can prevent the sudden disruption to property operations caused by a total roof failure.

4. Long Term Capital Planning

TPO roof replacements are expensive. As a result, they require long term capital planning and budgeting. An annual roof inspection provides details on the overall health of the roof. This includes the roof’s life expectancy. Using this information, property managers can properly plan and budget for a new roof. This prevents major disruptions to a property’s finances from an unexpected roof replacement.

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