According to BLS, about 2.7 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses occurred in 2020. While the numbers may seem high, it’s an improvement from the previous year, which had 2.8 million reports.

Safety is one of the most important aspects when working on a job site. By keeping your employees safe from physical or viral incidents, you enable job production to keep on going.

Of course, there is so much more to safety than just protecting your people. It’s also important to maintain your job site and keep it safe from any damages that could get expensive.

A Safety Monitoring System will ensure that your employees and job site remain accident-free. Your job site will also be continually improved.

As you read on, you’ll find out what a safety monitoring system is. You’ll also learn why it’s important for commercial property managers such as yourself.

What is a Safety Monitoring System?

Each workplace will have specific guidelines on how to keep its workers safe. Consider an example in the roofing industry. A safety monitoring system helps prevent any fall accidents from happening.

You employ a safety monitor on-site to ensure that all guidelines are being followed. This includes wearing protective equipment and ensuring that the environment isn’t a hazard.

Safety monitors work closely with the workers. They constantly observe the work and make corrections as needed.

Why You Need a Safety Monitoring System

There are tons of benefits to having a safety monitoring system. The most important one is that you keep everyone and your job site safe.

What benefits does a safety monitoring system provide? Here are a few examples:

Avoid Fines and Lawsuits

Commercial property managers have to make sure that all laws and regulations within their state are being followed. Depending on the state you have your business in, there will be different laws to follow. Some are more complex while others tend to have some leeway.

Failing to follow these guidelines can lead to some hefty fines and lawsuits. If something were to happen, it can result in some heavy financial losses for you.

Get an OSHA safety monitoring system. By doing so, you get peace of mind knowing that all regulations are being followed and everyone is safe.

Increase Efficiency

Certain property management companies have introduced digital platforms. That way, you get information immediately.

Some elements on the job site are repetitive and can take up a lot of time. By using an automated digital platform, you avoid human error. You can generate forms and reports in no time and send them out in an instant.

Depending on the scale of a job site, one error can pause production. A safety monitoring system will remove the possibility of an error happening. And, if an error does occur, this system will have a fix ready.

Boost Employee Skill

With safety monitoring, workers are more confident when working. That is because they feel safe.

Safety monitoring systems also aim to correct employees. Usually, the safety monitor is a supervisor or another worker who has the training to spot errors. Employees are then guaranteed to do proper and safe work.

This system will also inform workers on what protocols to follow, depending on the situation. If something were to happen, the workers are trained to react quickly and efficiently.

That way, production can keep on going without losing too much precious time.

Save Money and Time

From materials and equipment to health and sickness benefits, everything on a job site has a cost. According to the NSC, the total cost of work injuries was around 163.9 billion dollars.

If an accident were to occur, this would be problematic for your business. You lose money that you could have used on materials and more. This situation can worsen if your job site is operating on a strict budget.

By implementing a safety monitoring system, you can save up financially. Time-wise, this benefits your workers. They are less likely to be distracted and will focus more on productivity.

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Cases You May Need Safety Monitoring For

Depending on the industry, each job site will have different safety regulations. However, there are three main cases you will have to consider when determining whether you need safety monitoring or not.

Accidents, Injuries, and Illnesses

A safety monitoring system will help detect instances when the protocol isn’t followed. it also points out areas that need improvement. In doing so you get to protect your workers from any hazard that could harm them.

Improvement of the Work Environment

Safety monitoring will help you keep track of all the factors that can harm the safety of your workers. Safety monitors work closely with your employees. This means they get first-hand knowledge on what to improve on the job site.

Potential issues can be detected easily. This gives your response team a chance to stop the problem before it starts.

Job Site Security

When all the employees have gone home and production is paused, a new problem arises. Certain job sites have expensive equipment and materials that they can’t just lock up when the day is over.

Thieves use this time to steal what they can. A safety monitoring system will ensure that your job site is safe even when there are no employees around.

Security guards can be posted as part of the protocol. Another method is the installation of video surveillance in the best locations around the workplace. This ensures that even if thieves get to grab something, they will be found.

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Safety First

Protecting your people in the workplace comes first. Everything else comes after that. By valuing their safety, you get to prove that your company has strong ethical values. You also show that you are trustworthy.

Of course, there are a lot of factors to consider when thinking of general safety. This number increases when the scale of your job site is larger. Having a safety monitoring system is a huge advantage in these situations.

You can ease this pressure off your shoulders. One way is by hiring a trusted property management company. They will take responsibility over many aspects of your property.

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