Are you a property manager in DC who wants to stay ahead of the game? The Downtown Action Plan is a new initiative that could impact your properties. It’s a 5-year economic development strategy supported by Mayor Muriel Bowser and local business groups.

This post will give you the key highlights and explain how you can benefit.

Key Takeaways

  • The Downtown DC Action Plan is a 5 – year, $400 million initiative developed by the DowntownDC and Golden Triangle BIDs in collaboration with Mayor Muriel Bowser and local business groups to revitalize the city center for businesses, residents, and visitors.
  • The plan focuses on improving transportation, public spaces, retail support, addressing homelessness, and creating vibrant cultural and entertainment hubs to make Downtown DC more livable and economically thriving.
  • Property managers can benefit from the plan’s investments in public realm enhancements, which can lead to happier tenants, higher occupancy rates, and increased property values over time.
  • Collaboration with city officials and business leaders is crucial for property managers to have a say in shaping their community’s future and maximizing the benefits for their properties and tenants.

The Downtown Action Plan: A Collaborative Effort

The DowntownDC BID and the Golden Triangle BID worked together on the Downtown Action Plan. They spent 8 months developing a plan to make Downtown DC better for businesses and people who live there.

Developed by DowntownDC and Golden Triangle BIDs over 8 months

The Downtown DC Action Plan is a comprehensive initiative created through the collaborative efforts of the DowntownDC and Golden Triangle Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). This ambitious plan took eight months to develop, involving extensive research, analysis, and input from various stakeholders in the DC area.

The BIDs worked closely with city officials, community leaders, and local businesses to identify key areas for improvement and develop effective strategies to revitalize the downtown core.

The Action Plan aims to enhance the overall experience for residents, workers, and visitors in Downtown DC. It focuses on a wide range of aspects, including transportation, public spaces, retail support, homelessness, and cultural and entertainment hubs.

Intended to revitalize Downtown DC for businesses, neighborhoods, and people

The Downtown Action Plan aims to revitalize Downtown DC. It focuses on creating a thriving environment for businesses, neighborhoods, and people. The plan includes strategies to support local businesses, improve public spaces, and address social issues like homelessness.

Property managers and contractors play a crucial role in this revitalization effort. By working with city officials and business leaders, they can help create a more attractive and sustainable downtown.

Key Highlights from the Plan

The Downtown DC Action Plan offers exciting improvements for the city’s core. It focuses on enhancing public spaces, supporting businesses, and creating vibrant cultural hubs.

Transportation and park improvements

The Downtown DC Action Plan puts a strong focus on enhancing transportation and park spaces. It identifies five key geographic areas for targeted improvements to make getting around easier and outdoor spaces more inviting.

Expect to see better sidewalks, bike lanes, lighting, and signage. Parks and plazas will get new landscaping, seating, and programming to draw people in.

Property managers should take note of these upgrades happening near their buildings. Well-maintained and active public spaces make properties more appealing to tenants and can boost real estate values.

Retail support and addressing homelessness

The Downtown Action Plan includes initiatives to support retailers and address homelessness. The plan aims to create a vibrant downtown with thriving businesses and a diverse community.

It focuses on providing assistance to retailers, such as grants and marketing support, to help them recover from the impacts of the pandemic. The plan also includes measures to address homelessness, such as increasing affordable housing options and expanding social services.

Property managers and contractors play a key role in implementing these initiatives. They can work with city officials and community organizations to identify opportunities for retail support and housing development.

Creating cultural and entertainment hubs

The Downtown DC Action Plan aims to establish vibrant cultural and entertainment districts that draw people in. These lively areas will feature art galleries, music venues, theaters, and other attractions that showcase the city’s creativity.

Property managers can expect these hubs to bring more foot traffic and potential customers to their buildings, boosting the appeal and value of their properties.

The plan also includes initiatives to support and grow the local arts scene. This involves providing affordable studio and performance spaces for artists, as well as funding public art installations and cultural events.

Investment of $400 million over 5 years

To fulfill these aspirations, the Downtown DC Action Plan proposes a significant financial commitment. Over the next five years, the plan aims to invest an impressive $400 million in high-impact projects.

This substantial funding will be strategically allocated to initiatives that promise to revitalize the city center and create a more vibrant, livable urban environment for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

As a property manager or contractor, you stand to benefit greatly from this infusion of capital into the downtown area. The plan’s investments will focus on enhancing public spaces, improving transportation infrastructure, and supporting cultural and entertainment venues.

How Property Managers Can Benefit

Property managers can tap into the Downtown DC Action Plan’s initiatives. The plan will enhance public spaces, amenities, and infrastructure around their properties. This can lead to happier tenants, higher occupancy rates, and increased property values over time.

Improved public spaces and amenities for tenants

The Downtown DC Action Plan includes improvements to public spaces and amenities. These upgrades will benefit property managers and their tenants. The plan calls for enhancements to parks, sidewalks, and plazas.

It also proposes new seating areas, landscaping, and lighting. These changes will create more welcoming and functional outdoor environments for people to enjoy.

Property managers can leverage these public realm improvements to attract and retain tenants. Well-maintained and attractive common areas are a key selling point for commercial and residential buildings.

Potential for increased property values

The Downtown DC Action Plan brings exciting prospects for property managers and owners. Investments in public spaces, parks, and cultural hubs can make properties more attractive to tenants.

Vibrant neighborhoods with appealing amenities often command higher rents and occupancy rates. This leads to a boost in property values over time.

Collaborating with city officials on the action plan allows property managers to have a say in shaping their community’s future. By working together on initiatives like public art installations or pedestrian-friendly streets, they can create a downtown that draws in businesses and residents alike.

Collaboration with city officials and business leaders

The Downtown Action Plan reflects a strong partnership between city officials, business leaders, and BIDs. This collaboration ensures the plan addresses the needs of all stakeholders in revitalizing Downtown DC.

Property managers can benefit from this united effort as it brings together resources and expertise to create a thriving urban center that attracts tenants and increases property values.

By working hand in hand with the mayor’s office, business improvement districts, and the Federal City Council, the Action Plan leverages key insights and investments to enhance the downtown experience.

This teamwork will result in improved public spaces, support for local businesses, and initiatives to address important issues like homelessness. As the plan moves forward, property managers should stay engaged with these collaborative efforts to maximize the benefits for their properties and tenants.

Next Steps and How to Stay Informed

Stay up-to-date with the Downtown DC Action Plan by signing up for newsletters from the DowntownDC and Golden Triangle BIDs. Watch for requests for proposals related to public art and placemaking initiatives that aim to revitalize the city center.

Sign up for updates and newsletters

The Downtown DC Action Plan newsletter keeps property managers informed. Sign up to receive regular email updates on the plan’s progress and implementation. The newsletter covers the high-impact investments, policies, and actions being taken to achieve the plan’s goals.

Expect updates on transportation upgrades, park improvements, retail support programs, and efforts to address homelessness in the downtown area. The newsletter will also provide information on the creation of new cultural and entertainment districts.

Stay tuned for the release of the full Downtown Action Plan in Spring 2024. Next, let’s explore how property managers can benefit from the plan.

Request for proposals for public art and placemaking plans

Moving on from updates and newsletters, the Downtown DC Business Improvement District has put out a request for proposals. They’re seeking experienced consultants or firms to develop a Public Art and Placemaking Strategic Plan.

This plan will focus on using art and design to make public spaces more engaging and enjoyable.

The goal is to create a vibrant and attractive downtown area. This could involve installing sculptures, murals, or interactive exhibits. It might also include organizing events or activities in parks and plazas.

Related media coverage and articles to stay informed

To stay informed about the Downtown DC Action Plan, property managers should follow local media coverage and articles. Newspapers like The Washington Post and the Washington Business Journal provide regular updates on the plan’s progress.

These publications offer insights into how the plan affects businesses, neighborhoods, and people in the city center.

Reading articles from reliable sources helps property managers understand the plan’s potential impact on their properties. They can learn about upcoming improvements to parks, transportation, and public spaces that may benefit their tenants.


The Downtown DC Action Plan offers exciting opportunities for property managers. By collaborating with city officials and business leaders, you can help shape the future of Downtown DC.

Improved public spaces, transportation, and amenities will attract more tenants and potentially increase property values. Stay informed about upcoming projects and proposals to make the most of this transformative initiative.

With your support, Downtown DC can become a thriving hub for businesses, residents, and visitors alike. Let’s work together to create a vibrant and sustainable future for our nation’s capital.

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1. What are the key areas covered in Washington, DC’s Downtown Action Plan?

The plan focuses on several neighborhoods including Penn Quarter, Capitol Riverfront, Southwest Waterfront and Mount Vernon Triangle.

2. How will the action plan benefit property managers in Washington, D.C.?

The plan aims to highlight the city’s competitive advantages and unique value propositions to attract more businesses and residents to downtown areas.

3. Does the Downtown DC Action Plan address sustainability concerns?

Yes, one of the key focus areas of the plan is to promote sustainability and encourage innovative solutions for a greener future.

4. What can property managers expect from the implementation of this action plan?

Property managers can anticipate increased interest in their properties as the action plan works to showcase Washington, DC’s strengths and attract new opportunities for growth and innovation in the downtown areas.