Traditional King Cake for Mardi Gras Celebration During Apartment Resident Event Ideas For March

Apartment Resident Event Ideas For March

While the month of March is all about St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness and college basketball, there are plenty of other great reasons to celebrate with your residents. Here are our top apartment resident event ideas for March 2019.

Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras – celebrate Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday (March 5, 2019) by handing out colorful party beads to residents and serving King Cake in the lobby. If you really have the Mardi Gras spirit, consider holding a bigger party featuring a community parade.

Resident Bracket Challenge – get residents excited about March Madness by hosting a residents only bracket challenge. It is easy to setup a free pool using and it will track all the games and results as well. Give away prizes to top finishers and the overall winner.

Championship Game Watch – finish the resident bracket challenge with a big community party to watch the Final Four on Saturday night and/or the championship game on Monday. Since these games are part of March Madness, but technically fall on April 6th and 8th respectively, this can also be used an April event.

St. Patrick’s Day Party – encourage employees and residents to wear green and host a St Patrick’s Day party. Consider serving a traditional Irish dish like corned beef and cabbage at the party. If you want to go all out, try to organize a St Patrick’s Day parade to get kids participating in the festivities.

Celebrate Opening Day – welcome back America’s Pastime with by celebrating the official start of the 2019 baseball season on Opening Day. Throw a party and where residents can predict who they think will win the World Series and encourage them to wear their favorite team’s colors.

Spring Break Celebration – because March is the peak season for Spring Break travel, host a Spring Break themed party for residents to help them relive their college days. Properties in warmer areas can play traditional beach games outside as a way to get residents moving.

Pi Day Taste Test – bring in a selection of pies from local bakeries and invite residents to a taste test party on National Pi Day, which falls on 3/14 every year. Another fun way to celebrate is giving out individually wrapped pieces of pie or hosting a pie baking lesson where residents learn how to prepare a pie, then cook it in their unit.
Cold Cut Sandwich For Apartment Resident Event Ideas For March Blog

March’s “National Day” Celebrations

Every month we highlight “National Days” that make for great apartment resident events and activities. All of these come the National Day Calendar and are a great reason to have an event or activity for your apartment residents!

National Cold Cuts Day on March 3rd – because residents love food, this is an easy one to celebrate by simply serving cold cut sandwiches during lunch of dinner time in the lobby.

National Daylight Savings Day on March 10th – be sure to remind your residents the clocks are springing forward on Sunday March 10, 2019 and take advantage of the extra hour of daylight with an outdoor happy hour.

National Crayon Day on March 31st – get residents with young kids involved by giving away free crayons. Better yet, invite kids to draw a picture with their new free crayons and display them in a common area of the building.

Looking for additional apartment resident event ideas for March? Click here to view our ongoing collection of apartment resident event ideas!

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