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How BidSource Matches Contractors with Property Managers:

  1. Property managers submit their service and project details to BidSource

  3. The Property Manager Insider team reaches out to registered BidSource contractors

  5. Qualified contractors are vetted and matched to service and project requests based on best fit

  7. Contractors contact property managers directly to provide bids for their projects

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Who Uses BidSource?

BidSource is used by property, community, and facility managers to find qualified contractors for service and project work. Other users include property owners, general managers, and chief engineers. These commercial buyers represent a diverse range of properties including apartments, offices, retail stores, hotels, condos, schools, malls, and manufacturing facilities, just to name a few. BidSource requests range from painting a single office or moving 1 light switch to replacing an entire roof or sealcoating an entire parking lot. Since it’s launch, BidSource has received hundreds of requests representing over 25 unique industries. If a property needs a service, BidSource has likely received a request for it from a property manager.

About BidSource

BidSource was created by Property Manager Insider to help property managers locate qualified local contactors with the capacity to take on service and project based work. Due to new construction and a shrinking labor pool, many property managers have trouble finding contractors to complete work necessary to maintain and operate their properties. At the same time, there are contractors who want more property management work, but are not able to reach the actual buyers. BidSource was created to bridge this gap. The service is entirely free and does not charge any fees to property managers or contractors. Property Manager Insider is able to provide BidSource for free because of sponsored content and ads on our website.

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3 Reasons to Register as a BidSource Contractor

  1. There is no fee for contractors to register with BidSource or receive project opportunities.

  3. Service and project requests are qualified and matched one to one to streamline the bidding process.

  5. Property managers use BidSource to find bids for service and project requests from 25+ industries.


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