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Only registered contractor's are eligible to receive property management bids!

How Does BidSource Work?

Project Sent Via BidSource

Property managers that can't find qualified contractors submit project descriptions to Property Manager Insider via BidSource.

Internal Project Review

Our internal BidSource team reviews all the project details then uses our BidSource contractor network to find a vendor.

BidSource Connects The Dots

Project details and the property manager's contact information is shared one to one with a contractor for our network.

Start your BidSource contractor registration now!

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What Property Management Companies Use BidSource?

Decision makers at national, regional, and local property management companies use BidSouce to find contractors.

Bid requests for over 25 unique trades and services!

About Property Manager Insider's BidSource


BidSource was created by Property Manager Insider to help property managers locate qualified local contractors with the capacity to take on service and project based work. Due to new construction and a shrinking labor pool, many property managers have trouble finding contractors to complete work necessary to maintain and operate their properties. At the same time, there are contractors who want more property management work, but are not able to reach the actual buyers. BidSource was created to bridge this gap. The service is entirely free for property managers and does not charge contractors on a pay per lead basis.

BidSource Contractor Registration