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Are you planning an apartment renovation? If so, you’re not alone. But did you know that nearly 60% of residents report experiencing stress during the remodeling of an apartment? That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your residents’ concerns throughout the process.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do that. We’ll share effective tips for maintaining harmonious resident relations and ensuring a successful transformation.

Read on and let’s make those apartment renovation jitters a thing of the past!

Communicate Early and Often

To have a smooth renovation, communicate with your residents early and often. Let them know about the project timeline, what areas will be impacted, and for how long. Be transparent by providing regular updates about the progress to set proper expectations.

Have an Open-Door Policy

Make yourself available to address any questions or concerns. Let residents know the best ways to contact you and your team and respond promptly. An open-door policy will help build trust and reassure residents during this transition.

Host Informational Meetings

Hold meetings before the renovation begins. Walk residents through the full scope of work, timeline, and how their lives may be disrupted. Be prepared to listen to their feedback and address concerns.

Provide contact information for a dedicated point person. Follow-up meetings during the renovation are also a good idea to update residents on progress and next steps.

Accommodate Resident Needs

Try to minimize disturbances to residents’ routines as much as possible. Provide alternative access points if certain areas are blocked off.

Temporary relocation of some residents may even be required in some cases. The key is showing you understand how renovations can impact their day-to-day lives.

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Address Complaints Promptly

When residents have complaints during your renovation, address them promptly. Nothing irritates people more than feeling ignored. Respond to all concerns, questions and complaints within 24 hours, whether by phone, email or in person.

Explain the situation and take responsibility for any inconvenience. Apologize and let them know you understand their frustration. Provide a timeline for resolution and stick to it.

If the issue persists or the resident remains unhappy, discuss compensation or alternatives. For example, you may offer:

  • A discount on that month’s rent
  • A free or upgraded amenity like parking or storage space
  • The option to temporarily relocate to an available vacant unit

The key is showing you care about the resident experience during what can be an inconvenient time.

Provide a Detailed Renovation Plan

Walk your residents through the renovation plans step-by-step so they know exactly what to expect. Provide a timeline that specifies when work will start and end each day, what areas will be impacted, and how long the overall project will last. Be available to address any questions or concerns right from the start.

The more informed and prepared your residents are, the less likely they are to complain about the inconvenience.

Follow Applicable Laws and Regulations

To keep your residents happy during renovations, follow all laws and regulations regarding construction. This shows your professionalism and concern for their well-being.

Noise Regulations

Check with your city for any noise ordinance laws, typically limiting construction to daylight hours. Let your residents know the allowed work hours in advance. If extended or weekend hours are needed, get proper permits and notify residents as soon as possible.

Safety Codes

Renovations require you to follow apartment building codes to ensure safe conditions for workers and residents. Obtain necessary permits for plumbing, electrical, and structural work. Schedule inspections as required to avoid penalties or fines for non-compliance.


Provide clear access to residences and public areas like mailrooms or laundry facilities. Don’t block exits or hallways. If access must be limited, give residents plenty of notice about any temporary restrictions or alternate routes.

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Ensure Safety and Security

To keep your residents safe and secure during renovations, communication and planning are key. Let your residents know about any disruptions to utilities, parking, or access well in advance. Be available to address any concerns they may have about the impacts to their living space.

Plan for Disruptions

If parts of the property will be inaccessible, map out detours and alternative routes in advance. Make arrangements for temporary parking if needed.

Schedule noisy or messy work during normal business hours when most residents are out. Let residents know if utilities like water, power or plumbing will be shut off, even temporarily.

Address Health and Safety

Take measures to minimize health hazards like dust, fumes and debris. Seal off work areas, provide protective gear for workers, and ventilate/filter the air.

Inspect the property to ensure there are no fire hazards or tripping/falling risks. Have a plan in place in case of any emergencies.

Be Available and Responsive

Have dedicated staff on hand during the renovation to quickly handle any resident issues or complaints. Be proactive in following up and providing status updates.

Compensate residents whenever possible for any significant inconveniences. Your responsiveness and willingness to accommodate concerns will make the process go much more smoothly.

Professional Project Management & Coordination

Hiring an experienced contractor to oversee the work will save you time, money, and headaches. Project managers are adept problem-solvers. When issues crop up, as they always do, they work to resolve them quickly.

If extra repairs become necessary or schedules get off track, they make adjustments to minimize delays and keep your budget under control. Using professional property management services helps avoid confusion and chaos.

Renovating an apartment involves a lot of people coming and going, noise, dust, and disruption. Your project manager will set clear rules for the crew to follow regarding work hours, access, and cleaning up after themselves.

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