The Best Commercial Property Tips to Take Care of an Icy Parking Lot

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As winter approaches, property managers and landlords are facing the need to take care of icy parking lots and winter-related hazards on their commercial properties. An icy parking lot is more than a common annoyance to property managers. It is a potential liability and something you must take care of to protect your residents and clients.

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Commercial property managers and multi-family landlords must implement a plan of action this winter. This plan will keep their residents protected and eliminate the risk of winter-related accidents on their properties. This article will explain the best commercial property tips to take care of an icy parking lot this winter. These tips will help protect your property and everyone within its premises to solve this common issue.

Why Should I Take Care of an Icy Parking Lot?

Commercial property managers are responsible for caring for the public during winter. An icy parking lot risks public safety, making it crucial to take action. Which will prevent dangerous, icy conditions on your commercial property.

Furthermore, taking care of icy parking lots on your commercial property is essential to reduce the risk of individuals having severe accidents on its premises. Sidewalks are always considered part of your commercial property. Parking lots are generally handled by the individual that owns the commercial property.

Without appropriate measures to care for an icy parking lot this winter, you put your commercial property at risk. You could incur high legal costs if a resident or pedestrian is injured due to your negligence.

Tip #1: Anti-Icing

The first step commercial property owners should take to prevent icy parking lots in the winter is anti-icing. It helps protect your commercial property and your parking lots from ice formation.

Anti-icing is relatively simple, as you or a hired service can efficiently spray and apply anti-icing from a truck onto the pavement in your parking lot. Anti-icing helps prevent ice from forming while effectively removing large amounts of snow and ice and is an effective aid for commercial parking lots, including mall, hospital, and retail center lots.

Tip #2: Trim Trees and Vegetation Surrounding Your Parking Lot

Property managers commonly make the mistake of taking measures to prevent an icy parking lot while failing to consider potential causes besides regular snowfall that could be causing ice buildup. For instance, it’s essential to take time and trim any trees or vegetation surrounding your commercial property’s parking lot before winter weather comes full force.

Trimming the trees and vegetation surrounding your commercial parking lot can help you mitigate damage caused by high winds blowing snow onto the pavement. If you notice any branches hanging over your parking lot, take action to trim them back–they can accumulate heavy snowfall and harbor dangerous ice, so removing them from overhead is essential.

Tip #3: Inspect Surrounding Drains and Gutters

Along with the plant life surrounding your parking lot, it’s essential to inspect the drains and gutters surrounding your parking lot to avoid dangerous conditions during the winter months. As the weather becomes brutal, it’s vital to examine downspouts, roofs, drains, and gutters for any improper drainage that could harm pedestrians or residents.

The drains and gutters hanging over your parking lot on the roof of your property must remain undamaged and unclogged throughout the winter. This will ensure that ice drains appropriately and doesn’t build up around your property. The buildup causes a dangerous, icy parking lot. Examine drains built into the concrete of your parking lot to ensure that they are free of debris and can drain melted snow.

Tip #4: Have Your Property Inspected

Before severe winter weather hits your property, ensure that you have your property inspected by a professional. Getting your commercial property inspected before the worst of the winter months will ensure that there are no critical issues that could cause ice build-up in your parking lot.

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During the inspection, ensure that a professional pays close attention to any pavement cracks in your parking lot. Overlooking this minor detail could put your residents or pedestrians in danger and cost you more in the long run.

Tip #5: Add Lighting Around Your Parking Lot

While it’s essential to take action to remove hazards causing an icy parking lot, winter weather can sneak up on you no matter how much you prepare. One way to add extra safety that physical ice removal can’t cover is by including additional lighting around your property.

A primary concern during winter is poor visibility due to heavy snowfall. If your commercial property isn’t sufficiently lit, you put pedestrians and residents at a higher risk of injury. Before winter storms hit your area, consider including new, advanced lighting solutions to boost visibility no matter the weather.

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Tip #6: Stock Up on Essentials

While winter storms are often unpredictable, commercial property managers can prepare for the worst winter weather by stocking up on a few essentials. For instance, having access to pavement salt in bulk allows you to promptly address dangerous ice buildup. This helps treat your icy parking lot with a secure layer of salt and sand.

Also, double-check that you have good shovels, snow blowers, and ice melts to address snowfall and ice buildup in your parking lot. Do this before it becomes a severe hazard to the public.

Tip #7: Hire a Professional Snow and Ice Removal Service

Ultimately, it is safest to protect your commercial property and wandering pedestrians from injury due to an icy parking lot by hiring a professional service. This professional service will take this hefty task off your shoulders and ensure the safety of you and the public.

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A professional snow and ice management contractor will protect your commercial property through strategic practices to ensure a safe winter. Before a professional service arrives, double-check that vehicles are removed from the parking lot. Also, check that no entrance blocks could prohibit access to snow and ice removal.

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