Stainless Steel Commercial Washing Machines Cleaned For CoronaVirus In Multifamily Laundry Room

Combating CoronaVirus in Multi-Housing Laundry Rooms

Even if residents are staying home and practicing social distancing due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, they are still going to use the laundry room. Since this is unavoidable, property managers should have a plan to help reduce the spread of CoronaVirus via the laundry room.

The laundry room is an area of concern because residents must use it and it is full of plastic and metal surfaces. According to the World Health Organization, the CoronaVirus can last up to a few days on metal and plastic surfaces. Here are three strategies to help reduce the spread of the CoronaVirus in multihousing laundry rooms.

Clean Machines Regularly

Since COVID19 survives on hard surfaces, it can be contracted from multifamily laundry equipment. To reduce the spread from equipment, encourage residents to wipe down washers and dryers after they use them. Property managers can provide cleaning supplies like disinfecting wipes or sprays to make things easier for residents. Wiping down lids, knobs, buttons and handles after each use can help reduce CoronaVirus in multihousing laundry rooms. This makes the laundry room safer for all residents.

If this is not possible due to a lack of cleaning supplies, the maintenance staff or janitorial cleaning company should start cleaning the machines. Wiping them down with an EPA approved disinfectant once or twice daily will help reduce the spread of CoronaVirus in apartment laundry rooms.

Encourage Hand Washing

Encourage residents to wash their hands before and after each use of the laundry room equipment. If supplies are available, consider installing hand sanitizer stations at the entrance to the laundry room. If the laundry room has a common area sink, stock it with hand soap. Lastly, post a sign letting residents know about the hand washing or sanitizing stations and encourage their use. In the event property managers can’t provide soap or sanitizer in the laundry room, ask residents to wash their hands in their unit before and after using the facility.

Follow Best Practices

In addition to cleaning and hand washing, property managers should ask residents to follow CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of CoronaVirus in multihousing laundry rooms. Residents who are feeling sick or caring for someone who is sick, should avoid using the laundry room. Social distancing guidelines should be followed whenever possible as well. Recommend residents limit contact in the laundry room and try to use it one resident at a time. Click here for even more CoronaVirus safety tips for property managers.

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