Apartment Resident Event Ideas for March 2022

St. Patrick’s Day, Fat Tuesday, March Madness, and more, March has so many reasons to celebrate! Events are a great way to connect with your residents and let them know you care. If you are searching for ideas of ways to connect with your residents look no further. Here are our resident event ideas for March 2022.

March Celebrations

Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras – Traditionally a time of festivals, feasts, and celebrations, Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras (March 1, 2022) has many traditions. Celebrate by handing out beads and king cake in the lobby. Or for a larger celebration in the spirit of Mardi Gras, consider putting on a community-wide parade.

March Madness – March Madness is a great way to get residents excited. Host a resident bracket challenge using easy and free to use, it will track games and results. For an added level of competition, give prizes away to the top 4 finishers and of course the overall winner. Culminate your bracket challenge with a party to watch the top 4/championship game.

St. Patrick’s Day – Get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit by dressing in green and hosting a celebration. Serve Irish soda bread or corned beef and cabbage to bring the taste of the holiday to your residents. If you want to get in the holiday spirit, host a children’s holiday parade and surprise kids in attendance by staging a leprechaun trap with glitter and fun surprises.  

Pi Day Taste Test – National Pi Day (March 14, 2020) recognizes the mathematical constant Pi with the first three digits 3.14. Commonly celebrated by eating pies or participating in Pi-themed activities. Host a Pi Party for your residents with pizza and dessert piece from local restaurants and bakeries.


St. Patricks Day


March’s “National Holiday” Celebrations

Every month we highlight “National Days” that make for great apartment resident events and activities. All of these come from the National Day Calendar and are a great reason to have an event or activity for your apartment residents!

National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day on March 1st – Crunchy or Smooth? On a sandwich or in ice cream? Host a blind peanut butter taste test to see if residents can guess the brand of peanut butter. 

National Oreo Cookie Day on March 6th – C is for cookie and cookies are for me! Who doesn’t love Milk’s favorite cookie? With so many fun flavors to choose from, pick up a variety to try and invite residents for a taste test. 

National Daylight Savings Day on March 10th – Be sure to remind your residents the clocks are springing forward on Sunday, March 13, 2022, and take advantage of the extra hour of daylight with an outdoor happy hour.

National Crayon Day on March 31st – Host a crayon name guessing competition. Cover the names on a pack of crayons and have residents guess the silly names Crayola picks. Get residents with young kids involved by giving away free crayons. Better yet, invite kids to draw a picture with their new free crayons and display them in a common area of the building.


Looking for additional apartment resident event ideas for November? Check out our ongoing collection of apartment resident event ideas for multifamily property managers!


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