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Interior Commercial Painting

This is the change in seasons where people start to notice their building’s interior. When winter weather doesn’t allow for exterior painting, it’s the perfect time to tackle interior painting projects for commercial properties. Assess the status of your current interior paint and choose which areas can benefit from a refresh. Take advantage of your climate-controlled commercial space and cross interior painting off your list. Read more to learn why winter is the best time for indoor painting projects.

More Affordable 

A majority of painting contractors slow down in the colder months. To attract customers, they lower their rates slightly making winter the best time to schedule a large interior painting project. This also allows contractors and commercial properties to establish a trusted relationship for future projects in the warmer months.

More Availability 

While summer dominates the exterior painting industry, winter leaves painting contractors looking for jobs. This opens up availability and schedule flexibility. Painters are eager for interior painting jobs to keep their crews working until the busy summer season. This allows you to pick the perfect time to spruce up the interior of the property.

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Less Disruptive to Business

During the colder winter months, businesses experience a downtick in customer and staff foot traffic, which means that interior projects are less impactful on the business. With many commercial properties closing for the holidays, some for multiple days in a row, this leaves an ideal time for interior painting. Fewer people around means projects can be completed quicker and more efficiently with a decreased impact on your business operations.

Time for Smaller Projects

Have you been putting off smaller painting projects like touch-ups, trim painting, repairing damaged paint, or finally painting the ceiling? Winter is the ideal season for jobs like this. Painting contractors are willing to take on smaller jobs that they typically would turn down in the warmer, busier months. Property managers can use the winter to knockout these small projects while also taking advantage of better rates.


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