Elevator Motor After Elevator Modernization

What is elevator modernization?

Elevator modernization, sometimes called elevator lift replacement, refers to the complete upgrading of an elevator’s critical mechanical equipment. Most commonly this means installing or retrofitting new equipment throughout the elevator. Heavily impacted parts of the elevator include the controller equipment, hoist machinery, electrical components, and motors. Modernization does not require an aesthetic makeover. It is possible to modernize an elevator without changing its appearance.

Why is elevator modernization important?

Elevator modernization is important to ensure the safety of your passengers. Beyond that, modernizing your elevators will make them faster, more efficient, and allow them to integrate with modern technology. This is especially important for “smart” building automation systems. Modernization is also a great way to give your elevators an aesthetic facelift.

How often do elevators require modernization?

The recommended life of a commercial elevator is impacted by multiple variables. Who manufactured the elevator? How well has it been maintained? How heavily is it used? What are the working conditions? As a rule of thumb, commercial elevators will last around 20 years. There are, however, elevators that last over 50 years and others that require modernization after only 10 years of service.

Is it time to modernize my elevator?

While properly functioning elevators are often taken for granted, everyone is quick to comment on a slow or broken elevator. If you have elevators that break down frequently, draw complaints about long wait times, or the equipment looks aged, it might be time to modernize. The best way to know if your elevators require modernization is to contact an industry expert. Start by consulting with the company that performs your annual elevator inspections. Elevator modernization is expensive, so consider getting multiple bids for your project before choosing a vendor.


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