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While many property managers have heard of BOMA, they might not be familiar with BOMI International. Short for Building Owners and Managers Institute International, the organization is a non-profit educational institute specifically for property and facility managers.

Established in 1970, BOMI International has created industry wide standards for property and facility management training, education, and credentialing. In fact, many of their courses offer crossover credit with LEED, CPM, and CCIM certification programs.

How is BOMI different from BOMA?

The key difference in BOMI and BOMA is that BOMI is not a membership organization. It is focused squarely on education and credentialing of property and facility management professionals.

BOMI does not require membership to use its educational training courses or to earn a certification. As a result, BOMA utilizes BOMI for many of its educational training programs and certifications. Additionally, many property management companies look to BOMI for education and training as well.

BOMI International Credentials

While BOMI offers 5 different credentials, the most common are the Real Property Administrator (RPA) and the Facilities Management Administrator (FMA). The key difference is that RPA’s focus on financial performance of the property, while FMA’s focus on the operational performance of the property. More simply, RPA’s worry about a property from the owner’s perspective, while FMA’s worry about a property from a tenant’s perspective.
BOMI International Real Property Administrator Logo

Real Property Administrator

Real Property Administrators have demonstrated excellence in the overall management and operations of a commercial property. The certification requires extensive coursework in property accounting, budgeting, risk management and contract bidding. Additionally, RPA’s must have a minimum of three years’ experience managing a commercial property.

The goal of an RPA is enhancing the value of the managed asset on behalf of the owner through sound financial management and decision making. Click here to learn more about the Real Property Administrator program.
BOMI Interntional FMA Logo

Facilities Management Administrator

While an RPA worries about asset value for property owners, a Facilities Management Administrator strives to make sure the building operates well for tenants. FMA’s want to create safe and productive workplaces focused on environmental health, building productivity, and maintenance. Similar to the RPA designation, the FMA requires educational coursework, exams, and practical experience. Click here to learn more about the Facilities Management Administrator program.

Who Should Contact BOMI?

Anyone looking to advance their property or facility management career should contact BOMI. While their courses and certifications are not free, there is no cost to explore them. Additionally, many property management companies will pay for BOMI training courses. BOMI offers a full schedule of online courses, which also helps with affordability. Property managers do not have to worry about being out of office or completing all the courses on a rigid schedule.

Property managers looking for a way to advance their careers and salary should also contact BOMI. This is because most property management companies prefer to hire certified property managers when possible. To lern more about BOMI International and and all of its benefits to property managers, click here.

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