What is a dollar general DGX store

What is a Dollar General DGX store?

Here’s the quick answer to the question, what is a Dollar General DGX store? A DGX store is a roughly 3,400 square foot retail store located in an urban area carrying a wide assortment of products including:

  • Fresh sandwiches and salads
  • Soda fountain and coffee bar
  • Select everyday groceries
  • Home goods and products
  • Seasonal and regional items

There are three current DGX stores, located in Philadelphia, Nashville, and Raleigh. Given the overall success of Dollar General, be ready to answer the question, “what is a Dollar General DGX store?”, especially if you live in an urban area.

Why did Dollar General create DGX stores?

Dollar General stores are hugely popular in rural America. While Dollar General opened three DGX stores in 2017, they opened 1,315 of their typical retail stores. The standard store is roughly 9,000 square feet carrying everything from pet food and groceries to electronics and wrapping paper. It is also located in rural, lowly populated areas.

Conversely, DGX stores are opening in hipster neighborhoods with large millennial populations. DGX stores are Dollar General’s plan to reach the millennial consumer. While Dollar General lacks brand recognition with urban millennials, they believe offering great value will make them successful with this highly coveted consumer demographic.

“They’re in debt, they may have two or three jobs and no health-care coverage,” says Jim Hertel, senior vice president of retail consultants Inmar Analytics. “The bulk of that generation feels the same stresses as rural shoppers.”

Millennials Love Bargain Shopping

Millennials are well known for bargain shopping. They seek apartments packed with amenities and frequently use Amazon to find the best prices on every day products. DGX stores are opening as highly convenient locations

In a recent National Real Estate Investor article, Jim Hertel of Inmar Analytics gave the following quote about millennials: “They’re in debt, they may have two or three jobs and no health-care coverage…The bulk of that generation feels the same stresses as rural shoppers.”

Given Dollar General’s overwhelming popularity in rural areas, it seems likely the DGX concept stores will be a hit with urban millennial consumers.

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