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Virtual Resident Events For Apartment Managers

Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, social distancing guidelines have been put in place around the country. As a result, property managers can no longer host traditional apartment resident events where residents gather together. While life has certainly been disrupted by the pandemic, people are adapting and interacting virtually more than ever before. By now, almost everyone has used some sort of video conferencing for work or connecting with family and friends.

While virtual resident events are very different than live resident events, they can still be fun and engaging. Plus, with everyone adapting to virtual interaction, they will seem much more normal than they would have 3 months ago.

Benefits of Virtual Resident Events

One major benefit of virtual resident events is creating social interaction and engagement for residents. Residents who live by themselves, and even residents with roommates, are having less social interaction than ever before due to social distancing guidelines. Virtual events are a great opportunity for property managers to provide a chance to connect with other people.

While this might not seem like a big deal, it can be to people who are feeling very isolated due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. This is especially true for buildings with older residents. Since older populations face greater risks from CoronaVirus, they are also some of the most isolated. As a result, they have less human interaction. Virtual resident events offer a great opportunity for older residents to feel connected with other people.

Setting Up Virtual Resident Events

Virtual resident events should be set up like any other event. Property managers can organize and market them to residents using email marketing, push notifications from a property app, Facebook Groups or community bulletin boards. The major difference is rather than meeting face to face, virtual resident events take place online. One of the easiest and most popular apps for online video conferencing is Zoom.

Zoom is a video chat application that can be used on mobile phones, tablets and computers. It is free to create a user profile. While property managers will likely need a paid account to host virtual events, it is very affordable. The Pro Plan costs $14.99 per month. It allows up to 100 people to join one meeting and can host 9 different meetings at the same time. Additionally, many residents are likely to already be familiar with Zoom. It has become ubiquitous during the pandemic adding millions of users as people use it to video chat with family and friends.

8 Virtual Resident Events For Apartment Managers

Online Poker Tournament

An online poker tournament is a great substitute for a casino night or live poker tournament event. They are easy to host and set up. Apartment managers can use either PokerStars or 888poker to host an online poker tournament among residents. Both allow users to create free accounts and play with friends using fake chips. Property managers can give out prizes to winners just like they would for a live poker tournament.

Bingo Night

Property managers can set up a virtual bingo night. Unlike some games, this is an easy event to host virtually because it does not require multiple taking turns. Property managers can create the video conference, then call out and run a bingo game like normal. To keep things fun, award prizes to winners.

Fitness Classes

While online fitness classes have existed for some time, they are booming in popularity since social distancing was put into place. Additionally, many states have closed gyms and health clubs, pushing even more people to workout online. Property managers can organize a live streamed fitness class for residents. Classes that do not require any special equipment are best because they let any resident participate.

This is also a great offering for properties that have closed their fitness centers. Many residents choose an apartment community in part because of the property’s fitness center. While free online exercise classes are not a substitute for a great multifamily fitness center, they can help lessen complaints about the fitness center being closed.

Book Club

A book club is another easy virtual resident for apartment managers to organize. The only difference is residents gather to discuss books using video conferencing, rather than getting face to face. With residents having extra time at home due to social distancing they should have an opportunity to read, when they otherwise might not.

Property managers should try and set up book clubs for different demographics so that every resident feels like they can participate. This can also be an event for younger residents including teenagers who are home from school.

Create a Virtual Cookbook

While this is less an event, it is still a fun and easy activity. Property managers can invite residents to a private Google document or Facebook group where residents can share their favorite recipes. This can be especially helpful right now because so many restaurants are closed.

Trivia Competition

Property managers can create a trivia competition and host it virtually using Zoom meeting. This is a fun activity for all ages and prizes can be given out to winners. Property managers do not need to be trivia geniuses either. Thanks to websites like www.randomtriviagenerator.com, putting together a trivia challenge is incredibly easy.

At Home Scavenger Hunt

This is another easy resident event that is especially fun for kids and teenagers. Property managers simply set up a scavenger hunt made up of items residents are likely, or unlikely, to have in their units. Residents compete over a set amount of time and submit items via pictures. The team with the most items wins! Property managers must remind residents that social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times during the scavenger hunt.

Door Decorating Contest

Another great activity for kids is a door decorating contest. Property managers can order supplies like tape, paper, streamers, etc. online and make them available to residents. Residents can then decorate their doors and submit them using social media. Lastly, property managers share the decorated doors, and lets residents choose a winner. Creating a photo album or poll in a property’s Facebook group is an easy way to accomplish and get it in front of residents.

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