A Shopping Center's Landscaping Can Include Trees In Planters

A Shopping Center’s Landscaping Matters

In the age of delivery and curbside pickup, attracting foot traffic to a shopping center has become increasingly more difficult. As a property manager, you need to take that extra step if you want to draw in new customers. Start with your landscape design. Believe it or not, a shopping center’s landscape is pivotal for attracting new customers and keeping them there.

Landscape design can help create a welcoming environment for your shopping center. The landscape is often one of the few elements passersby can see from afar, if the landscape gives off a positive vibe, people are more likely to stop.

Once the landscape has drawn them in, it can serve as an oasis for shoppers. If customers have a nice place to take a break between stores, they will likely stick around the shopping center longer. Stressed out shoppers won’t stick around to visit other stores in the shopping center. Designing a calm and welcoming landscape will put shoppers at ease and encourage them to spend more time shopping.

Easy Ways To Improve A Shopping Center’s Landscaping

There are many simple additions you can make to create a peaceful and eye-catching landscape. Start by lining the heavily trafficked sidewalks with trees to provide shade for shoppers. You may also consider placing benches within the landscape where customers can take a break and enjoy the outdoors. Adding in water features is also a nice touch. Water features will give your shopping center a calming feel and put your customers at ease.

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Keeping a Shopping Center’s Landscaping Maintained

A new and improved landscape design can have a huge impact on your shopping center. However, in order to create a lasting effect, you must invest in proper maintenance. Brown withering plants are not conducive to a welcoming environment. Regular maintenance such as irrigation and pruning, can keep your landscaping healthy and vibrant. It also gives you the opportunity to make changes throughout the year to align your landscape with each season. Certain plants that thrive in the winter would fail tremendously in the summer, making regular maintenance necessary for a bright and colorful landscape year-round.


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