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What are the top apartment community amenities for 2018?

More than ever before, apartment community amenities are a key decision-making factor for millennials. Millennials look at where they live as more than just a roof over their heads. Millennials look for apartment community amenities to make everything more convenient, be environmentally sound, and help cut costs. Keeping those three concepts in mind, here are our top 10 apartment community amenities millennials are looking for in 2018:

1. Space for pets

Dog parks, or even just an outdoor space for pets to use the bathroom, are in high demand at multi-family properties. This is especially true for millennials, many of whom their dogs as a family member, not just a pet. Another pet space residents love are dog washing areas.

2. Bike storage

A place for residents to easily store and access their bikes is one of the top apartment community amenities, especially in urban settings. Don’t have room for an entire bike storage area? Try adding racks or requesting a bike-share location be set up at your property.

3. Fast internet speeds

Standard internet access is a thing of the past. Residents today want the fastest internet speeds possible. According to the National Multi-Family Housing Council, 40% of recently surveyed apartment renters plan to telecommute more in the future. Consequently, high-speed internet access will be a must when they decide on an apartment.


4. Strong cell phone service

Poor cell phone service in a property can be a deal killer for some millennials. With the increasing role of smartphones in our daily lives, strong cell phone service at a property is a major convenience criterion for many millennials.

5. Awesome outdoor spaces

Beyond an on-property dog park, millennials are looking more and more for apartment community amenities to include functional outdoor spaces. This can include everything from green spaces and running trails to rooftop patios and pools.

6. Valet trash services

Another convenience perk, valet trash services are a hit with everyone, including millennials. This is especially true in properties that do not have trash chutes or require a long walk to community dumpsters.

7. On-site gyms and yoga studios

In many urban areas, gym memberships can easily reach $100 or more per month. Offering an on-site gym and or yoga studio is an awesome way to attract millennials. Not only does this make a property more convenient, but it also helps reduce the overall cost of living, which is a major selling point.

8. Smart locker systems

Smart lockers are a great convenience amenity. They offer 24-hour access to packages while also keeping them safe and secure. Beyond storing packages, residents can use them to leave items for guests or simply store something in the lobby they will need later in the day.

9. Electric car charging

An environmental amenity, electric car charging stations are a huge convenience perk for residents with electric cars. These can also go a long way in helping building owners achieve LEED certifications.

10. Car sharing

Sticking with the theme of convenience plus cost-saving amenities, on-site car-sharing services are a great way to attract millennials. This could be as simple as having one or two Zipcars on your property that residents can easily rent and use at their convenience.

What apartment community amenities will be the most important to millennials in 2018? Send us an email with your top amenities or any we missed on this list!


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