Professional Inspector Providing Commercial Elevator Inspection Services At An Office Property

Understanding Commercial Elevator Inspections

Understanding Commercial Elevator Inspection Services Any Property manager with an elevator in their building should be familiar with commercial elevator inspections. This is because they are required by law in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. As a result, property managers need a basic understanding of the commercial elevator inspection process, including who Read more about Understanding Commercial Elevator Inspections[…]

Elevator Cab Interior After Elevator Modernization

What is elevator modernization?

What is elevator modernization? Elevator modernization, sometimes called elevator lift replacement, refers to the complete upgrading of an elevator’s critical mechanical equipment. Most commonly this means installing or retrofitting new equipment throughout the elevator. Heavily impacted parts of the elevator include the controller equipment, hoist machinery, electrical components, and motors. Modernization does not require an Read more about What is elevator modernization?[…]