Repaired Parking Lot Asphalt At A Commercial Property

Spring Is The Best Time For Parking Lot Maintenance

While asphalt repairs can be done year round in warm climates, the spring is often the best time of year for parking lot maintenance. This is especially true in colder climates, where freezing temperatures and harsh winter weather make asphalt and concrete repairs nearly impossible. Winter weather, combined with the use of rock salt, ice melt, snowplows, and shovels, can all damage a property’s asphalt and concrete surfaces.

As a result, spring is a great time of year to tackle any parking lot maintenance needs. This applies to all types of commercial properties and facilities. Keep reading for a breakdown of all Property Manager Insider’s spring parking lot maintenance checklist. list of the most important spring parking lot maintenance needs at commercial properties.

Addressing Asphalt Damaged By Winter Weather

Unfortunately, intense winter weather can lead to parking lot damage for two main reasons. The first reason is the freeze-thaw cycle. When temperatures move above and below freezing, it causes groundwater to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction can damage the base of the parking lot below the asphalt surface. Over time, this causes alligator cracks and potholes.

In markets with heavy snowfall, asphalt parking surfaces are often treated with products like rock salt and ice melt. Excessive use of these products can damage asphalt. Plows can also damage curbs, car stops, and speed bumps. These are all ways winter weather contributes to parking lot damage.

Property managers should be ready to address parking lot damage resulting from winter weather each spring. Avoiding minor asphalt repairs caused by winter weather can lead to larger, more costly problems and issues down the road.

Concrete Sidewalk and Curb Repairs

Spring parking lot maintenance should include any necessary concrete repairs. Warmer spring weather naturally results in more people being outside. As a result, people are more likely to use concrete sidewalks at all types of properties. Consequently, property managers should make concrete sidewalk repairs a top priority. This is especially true for any property with sidewalk trip hazards.

Since 1990 the Americans With Disabilities Act has defined any sidewalk with a 1/4 inch offset as a trip hazard. Urgently fixing trip hazards is extremely important as sidewalk trip and falls can expose properties to lawsuits. While rulings and settlements for trip and fall accidents greatly across the country, in states like Florida, the average settlement is around $40,000. This is why fixing trip hazards is a must for any spring parking lot maintenance plan.

While addressing sidewalk safety issues are important, property managers should not ignore other concrete repairs. The spring is an excellent time to consider repairs for concrete curbs, car stops, dumpster pads, catch basins, and concrete parking lot islands.

Hot Mix Pothole Repairs

If a property has an asphalt parking lot, it will eventually need to repair potholes. While potholes are inevitable, it is very possible to prevent them from becoming major problems. Since they are often caused by winter weather, including pothole repairs in a spring parking lot maintenance plan just makes sense.

Another benefit of waiting until the spring to fix potholes are the higher temperatures. Warmer spring weather also allows asphalt contractors to use hot mix asphalt to repair potholes. This is a more permanent pothole repair solution than cold patch pothole repairs.

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Fix Deteriorating Speed Bumps

Winter weather does not discriminate when it comes to damaging asphalt. It will damage an asphalt parking lot, road, driveway, or speed bump. As a result, property managers should evaluate any speed bumps at their property each spring. Damaged speed bumps should be repaired as part of a spring parking lot maintenance plan.

Damaged and deteriorating speed bumps are more than just an eyesore. They are less effective at slowing down traffic. This makes parking lots less safe. Additionally, they can cause damage to vehicles. Vehicle damage and accidents can result in lawsuits and other legal issues for commercial properties. These are just a few reasons why property managers should include speed bump repairs in their spring parking lot maintenance plans.

Bright Handicap Parking Space Markings After Spring Parking Lot Maintenance At Commercial Properties

Parking Lot Striping

The spring is an important time to consider restriping parking lots at all types of commercial properties and facilities. First, winter weather makes it impossible to stripe parking lots in certain parts of the country. This is because striping paint requires a minimum temperature, usually between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, to be properly applied to an asphalt surface.

Additionally, commercial snowplows can scrape and damage parking lot markings. As a result, property managers can discover ADA striping compliance issues during the spring. This is another reason why it makes more sense to address striping in the spring instead of the fall. Need a free line striping quote at your property? Click here to have Property Manager Insider’s Bidsource team find a local qualified contractor to provide a free line striping estimate.

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Sealcoating Older Parking Lots

Like many other types of spring parking lot maintenance, sealcoating can only be done in warmer weather. Just like striping and hot patch pothole repairs, every type of sealcoat has minimum temperature requirements. Before a parking lot is sealed, it must be prepped. For example, property managers must address any major cracks or potholes before an asphalt contractor can properly sealcoat the parking lot. Sealcoating after spring repairs just makes sense.

If striping is part of a property’s spring parking lot maintenance plan, it should consider sealcoating the parking lot first. This will make the new line striping pop off the smooth dark appearance of the freshly applied sealcoat. In addition to extending the useful life of an asphalt parking lot, a well executed sealcoating and striping project can make older parking lots look brand new.

Spring Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

Ready to build a spring parking lot maintenance checklist for your commercial property or facility? Here are the most important parking lot maintenance items to address in the spring of 2022:

  • Filling Alligator Cracks
  • Hot Patch Pothole Repairs
  • Restriping ADA Parking Spaces
  • Repairing Sidewalk Trip Hazards
  • Rebuilding Failing Speed Bumps
  • Sealcoating Aging Parking Lots

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