What is valet trash service?

Ready to end dumpster runs for your residents? Valet trash services come through multi-family properties on designated days and pick up trash from outside resident’s doors between designated times. Residents then simply bring their empty trash cans back inside after the collection time. Valet trash services collect trash anywhere from two to seven nights per week, allowing residents to eliminate runs out to the dumpster. While valet trash service is a growing apartment amenity, it is already very popular throughout the southern United States.

Pro’s of valet trash service:

While there are numerous benefits to offering valet trash services, the biggest benefit to property managers is its selling point as a community amenity. In many communities, residents love the convenience the service offers. This is especially true in walk up properties and senior housing communities. Additional benefits of valet trash include making it easier to recycle, helping residents avoid going outside during inclement weather, and keeping properties cleaner.

Con’s of valet trash service

The obvious con of valet trash service is that it comes at a cost. Estimates can range anywhere from $8 to $25+ per unit per month. This alone can be a turn off to residents, especially if the costs are passed on the form of a trash convenience fee. Other drawbacks to offering valet trash services include residents abusing the system. It can lead to residents permanently leaving trash cans outside their doors, causing hallways to smell like garbage. Another challenge with valet trash is that it creates question about what to do with bulk trash, such as old furniture or large cardboard boxes that do not fit in trash cans.
Looking for a valet trash service provider? Our Valet Trash Service Guide contains great information on the top companies in the industry. Do you have experience with a valet trash service at your property? Send us an email with your opinion of the service for a future article!

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