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Ace Your Property Management Interview

You just landed a great interview opportunity with a top property management company. Now what? Unfortunately, many job seekers develop anxiety around face to face interviews. Thankfully, our property management interview checklist, can help combat interview anxiety.

While they cannot guarantee you land the job, these property management interview prep items ensure you will be prepared and ready the day of your interview.

Property Management Interview Checklist


1. Print Multiple Resumes

While it is easy to assume the hiring manager will have a copy of your resume, often times they do not. Print off an extra 4 or 5 copies and bring them with you in a folder. It is also a best practice to bring a notepad along with a few pens.

2. Check Google Maps

Arriving late to an interview can end it before it beings. Accordingly, check Google Maps the day prior to the interview to see how long it estimates for the trip.

3. Dress For Success

Prior to your interview, ask your contact about their expected interview dress code. Whether it is formal or casual, be sure to have your clothes ironed and wrinkle free. In addition to giving a great first impression, being well dressed can increase confidence.

4. Connect Via LinkedIn

Look up the person running your interview on LinkedIn, then send them a connection request. This is another opportunity to highlight your professional background and make an impression before the day of the interview.

5. Rehearse Common Questions

Many interviews start with similar questions, such as “tell me about yourself?”. Rehearsing answers to this question can get the ball rolling on a great interview. They can also be tricky questions to answer, so take time to practice your answers.

Know Your Salary Requirements

While not asked in every interview, sometimes questions about salary come up. If it does, be prepared to answer with your target salary. Give a firm answer and let your resume and professional experience do the talking. Make sure your target property management salary aligns with industry averages.

7. Write Down Your Questions

There is nothing wrong with writing down your questions for the hiring manager. In fact, it shows preparation and ensures you will not forget to ask a key question. Print out 2 copies and put them with your extra resumes.

8. Research the Company

Knowing the company inside and out greatly increase your chances of having a successful interview. The company website, blog, and social media pages are great research tools. Additionally, run a Google News search to find any current news stories about the company.

9. Master the Job Description

Once you have landed the interview, begin dissecting the job description. Go through each duty and responsibility, and note how your skills match up. If you spot an area of weakness, focus on how you would answer questions about that particular part of the job.

10. Prepare One Day Before

Do not wait until the day of the interview to select an outfit, find directions, or print your resume. Our final property management interview checklist item is completing this checklist the day before the interview. According to U.S. News, preparing one day prior is a major way to reduce interview anxiety. Additionally, it ensures you won’t forget anything the day of the interview.

Noticed something we missed on our property manager interview checklist? Send us an email with any ideas or additions and we will add the best ones to the list!

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