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5 Tips for Finding Qualified Third Bidders

While property managers face numerous challenges in their jobs, finding qualified third bidders for projects can be one of the most frustrating. This is because quality contractors with the capacity to take on projects are becoming harder and harder to find. As a result, resources for locating quality contractors are more important than ever. This is especially true near the end of the year, when many properties move forward on CapEx projects.

Below are five tips for property managers struggling to find qualified third bidders. All of them are quick and easy. While, they aren’t a substitute for an approved vendor list, they are helpful when property managers are tasked with finding a third bid.

Check Your Email Inbox

According to Campaign Monitor, the average professional receives 121 emails per days. For property managers, this almost always includes marketing emails from commercial contractors. While it can be easy to ignore them, they can be a great resource for finding qualified third bidders.

Property managers can search their email inbox for the service they need bid using keywords. A quick search for “roofing” could populate a marketing email from a commercial roofer who wants to bid your projects. It can be easy to miss these emails because of the volume of daily emails. However, this is a quick and easy way to see if their is a contractor out there looking to bid projects.

Property Manager Insider’s BidSource

The team at Property Manager Insider developed BidSource to help property managers find qualified contractors. It is both easy to use and completely free. Property managers just outline their needs using a quick form, then our team goes to work finding a qualified local contractor. Property manager’s information is only shared with one local contractor who has the capacity for the work. Click here to start finding qualified third bidders using BidSource.

Find A Vendor


Association Contractor Directories

Professional associations exist for almost every corner of the property management industry. What’s most important, is virtually all of them accept contractor members and publish directories. As a result, property management associations are an excellent resource for finding qualified third bidders. These directories are especially helpful because they are mostly property specific. An apartment association, for example, is full of contractors who want to work at apartment buildings. Likewise, the Community Association’s Institute directory is full of contractors who want to work for condominiums and HOA’s.

Use Facebook Groups

Finding qualified third bidders on Facebook Groups is quick and easy. Property managers just need to join relevant groups and post to them asking for contractor recommendations. Other group members can easily comment and tag vendors. While this doesn’t always work, it takes less than a minute to make a post. Groups exist for both property managers and specific types of contractors.

Property managers can find Facebook Groups by searching keywords related to their property type or the service they need. A quick search for asphalt paving or roofing will yield multiple groups. The best Facebook Groups to look for recommendations will have thousands of members and 10+ posts per day. For even more on Facebook Groups, read this post on all the benefits they offer property managers.

Post on LinkedIn

Even though constant LinkedIn connection requests can be annoying, there is value in accepting them to build a LinkedIn network. This is because having a strong LinkedIn network is a valuable resource. While most property managers use LinkedIn to find new jobs, it can also be used to find contractors.

Similar to using Facebook Groups, property managers can post their project details to LinkedIn asking for contractor and vendor recommendations. Other property managers can recommend contractors in comments on the post. Likewise, contractors can also leave comments with their contact information if they are interested in the project. As a result, property managers should accept connection requests from other property managers and contractors.

Find Contractors Using BidSource

Don’t see a contractor for the service you need or your local area? Do not worry! The BidSource team at Property Manager Insider will find a qualified local contractor for your next project! Just tell us about your project using the form below and our team will be in touch with a great local contractor looking to do more work with property managers!

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