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5 Benefits of Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps

Developing a mobile app for your multi-family property is a major investment with potential costs running well over $10,000. While multi-family property mobile apps are a major investment, they also offer tremendous benefits to both residents and property managers. Here are 5 reasons to consider investing in a mobile app for your property in 2018:

1. Improved Marketability

Mobile apps demonstrate you have a state-of-the-art property focused on making residents’ lives easier. In turn, they are an awesome marketing tool for attracting new residents. During property visits, leasing agents can also show off the app and all the ways it benefits residents that live in your property. This is especially relevant for high-end properties in major cities, where residents will be even more tech-savvy.

2. Streamline Maintenance Requests

Mobile apps can make requesting and scheduling maintenance requests a breeze for residents. They simply open the app and make the requests at a time and place that is convenient for them. While this is great for residents, it is also a major boost in productivity for property managers. By making all maintenance requests electronic via the app, it streamlines requests and eliminates issues with missed phone calls, lost emails, etc.


3. Simplify Property Communications

While certain benefits of mobile are mainly for residents, this feature truly benefits managers and residents. Mobile apps can be used to post bulletins and send information that creates alerts on residents’ phones via push notifications. Furthermore, this can be an outstanding safety feature, as it allows property managers to quickly get in touch with residents during emergency situations.

4. Smart Locker Integrations

Smart lockers help residents receive packages from online orders in a safe and secure way. Many times, smart lockers can be integrated with a property’s mobile app to provide alerts to residents they have a package waiting in a smart locker. They no longer have to worry about checking smart lockers or wondering if their package has arrived. As more shopping moves online, this is just another added convenience a mobile app can provide to your residents.


5. Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps Are A Growing Trend

While investing in a mobile app can be expensive, it is likely to become standard practice in the near future. This is no different than properties having to get a website. Soon, multi-family property mobile apps will be the rule, not the exception. Therefore it is better to get ahead of the trend than being caught playing catchup.

What role do you think multi-family property mobile apps will play in the future? Send us an email with your thoughts!


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