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Marketing Your Apartment’s Amazon Hub

Has your property invested in an Amazon Hub? If so, it should be integrated into your property’s marketing strategy. Marketing your apartment’s Amazon Hub is a key way to recoup investment costs. Additionally, Amazon Hubs are very attractive features to prospective residents. This is especially true for millennials, because of how many online purchases they make. Here are four tips for marketing your apartment’s Amazon Hub.

Train Your Leasing Agents

Before featuring your Amazon Hub on property tours, make sure your leasing agents know how it works. They should be aware of its benefits and features, and why it’s a valuable asset to any property. Here’s four key points leasing agents can highlight:

  • Amazon Hubs hold 99% of package sizes
  • Residents can access hubs 24 hours a day
  • Receive packages from any carrier and company
  • Entirely free for residents to use

While potential residents might be familiar with Amazon Lockers, it is important to highlight how they are different. First and foremost, Amazon Hubs are located on the property. Another key point is that Amazon Hubs are exclusively available to residents. Lastly, they can receive packages from any carrier, unlike Amazon Lockers that only receive Amazon deliveries.

Include on Property Tours

Leasing agents and property managers should showcase the property’s Amazon Hub during property tours. This is a great way to let prospective residents know what the Amazon Hub is and why its a great property feature. While most property’s Amazon Hub will be in the lobby area, it might not be on a normal property tour. As a result, make sure your leasing agents modify their tours accordingly.

Feature Your Amazon Hub Online

While showing how the Amazon Hubs works during a property tour, many residents review communities online before visiting them. As a result, property managers should highlight the Amazon Hub on their property’s website. Additionally, property managers can post pictures to their property’s Facebook profiles.

Highlight Safety Benefits

Due to the explosive growth of E-commerce package theft has become a major problem. As a result, package security is especially relevant to residents. Consequently, garden style apartments and buildings without secure lobbies can reap major benefits from Amazon Hubs. While package theft might not seem like a big deal, it happens with alarming frequency. According to USA Today, 30% of Americans have been the victim of package theft. Amazon Hubs are proven to virtually eliminate package theft because of how they receive and store packages.

More Benefits of Marketing Your Apartment’s Amazon Hub

Did we miss any other benefits of marketing your apartment’s Amazon Hub to current and prospective residents? Send us an email and let us know of any other ways an Amazon Hub is helping your property close more leases and retain more residents.

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