You're Hired Red Stamp After Finding A New Property Management Job During CoronaVirus Pandemic

Finding A Property Management Job During The Pandemic

The global CoronaVirus pandemic has caused unemployment to skyrocket in the United States. In fact, unemployment figures went to record highs, in record time. As a result, many property managers have lost their jobs. With the pandemic having a significant impact on rent collection, it is likely more layoffs are coming.

While that is the bad news, there is also good news. Many of the largest property management companies are actively hiring. There are over 100 active property management job listings on Indeed in major U.S. cities including Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. To help out of work property managers find employment, Property Manager Insider has compiled a list of tips and resources.

Explore Crossover Opportunities

Property managers looking for employment would be wise to explore crossover opportunities with different asset classes. With retail being hit the hardest, retail property managers could explore jobs with companies that manage “town center” type properties which blend retail, office and multifamily into a single location. A laid off apartment manager could explore jobs managing communities or single family homes. This is because all three fall under residential property types. While there will be a learning curve with managing a new property type, certain skills will translate directly. As a result of the learning curve, property managers should also be flexible on salary when exploring cross over opportunities.

With property management jobs at a premium, being open to new property types is crucially important. This is especially true for property managers in the retail space, where the long term outlook for shopping malls is particularly bad. Overall, property managers must be open minded to all property types when job hunting in 2020.

Use Recruiting Firms

Do not be afraid to use a recruiting or staffing company that specializes in the property management industry. In fact, property managers needing immediate work would be wise to call multiple recruiters, before applying to online job postings. That’s right, property managers can and should work with multiple recruiters. More recruiters means access to more potential job openings, which means a greater chance of being hired. Here are five more reasons to consider contacting a recruiting company:

  1. Recruiting services are completely free for job seekers.

  3. They have access to job opportunities that are not posted publicly.

  5. Hiring managers trust job candidates introduced through recruiters.

  7. Recruiters have access to jobs with companies withhave urgent hiring needs.

  9. Recruiters offer professional resume writing tips and career guidance at no cost.

Another benefit of recruiting firms is their access to temporary job openings. Due to economic uncertainty, property management companies are likely to staff temporary employees instead of making permanent hires. While these are full time jobs, it is normal for recruiters to fill these positions.

Ready to contact a recruiting company? Click here for our list of the top 5 apartment staffing companies.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

It is incredibly easy for hiring managers to research job candidates on LinkedIn. Often all it takes is a quick Google search of a candidates name, last employer and “LinkedIn” to find a profile. As a result, property managers should sign into LinkedIn and clean up their profile at the start of their job hunt. This CNBC article outlines top tips and strategies for building a great LinkedIn profile from career experts at Harvard.

Another benefit of a great LinkedIn profile is being found by recruiters and hiring managers. Both actively search LinkedIn on a regular basis looking for job candidates. A profile with a great picture filled with information and keywords will catch their attention.

Lastly, LinkedIn has active job postings and a job search function. Whenever a job candidate applies through LinkedIn, it sends their profile information to the company. In many ways, this profile snapshot is a first impression. This is just one more reason a great LinkedIn profile is an important part of finding a property management job, especially for job seekers applying to positions directly through LinkedIn.

Explore Facebook Groups

While LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for all things jobs and careers, Facebook is also a resource for finding property management jobs. This is because of the power and reach of Facebook Groups. Even though they don’t show up in Facebook’s TV commercials, there are numerous Facebook Groups that can help property managers during their job hunt. Here’s a quick example of how a Facebook Group can help a laid off property manager find a new job.

First, managers can join property type specific groups. An experienced multifamily property manager could join Apartment Peeps, for example. This is a large, very active group with a growing geographic reach. There are regular posts by other members about job openings and hiring needs for property managers, leasing agents, maintenance directors and other common roles in the apartment management industry. Property managers can join the group, and then engage with posts about jobs that fit their background.

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