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What is BidSource?

BidSource is the leading online tool property managers use to find contractors. Using project information, it matches property managers with qualified local contractors that specialize in working with property management companies.

Let’s say you needed to find an apartment painting contractor or laundry equipment provider for a multi-family property. Just submit your project details to BidSource and our team does the heavy lifting to find you a qualified local service provider.

BidSource stands out from sites like Angie’s List and The BlueBook because it only matches property managers to one contractor. Furthermore, any contractor that gets matched with a property manager via BidSource has the current capacity to take on more commercial work.

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Why BidSource?

Due to a national shortage of tradesmen, contractors are having a difficult time finding qualified employees. As a result, property managers are struggling to find contractors with the capacity to tackle their projects. With the construction industry projected to grow through at least the year 2020, this is a problem that is not going away any time soon.

Property managers are feeling the squeeze. In markets experiencing construction booms, it is already extremely difficult to find contractors in certain industry segments. This problem is not self correcting. Recognizing this problem, the Property Manager Insider team developed BidSource.

Who uses BidSource?

Anyone with a project at a privately owned or managed property can use BidSource to find a qualified contractor. While our name is Property Manager Insider, our service is used by a wide range of professionals responsible for maintaining properties. Common users and property types include:

  • Apartments, Condo’s/HOA’s, Senior Living, and Student Housing
  • Class A Office Spaces, Business Parks, and Private Businesses
  • Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, and Country Clubs
  • Colleges, Universities, Private and Public Schools
  • Manufacturing, Industrial, Distribution Centers, and Warehouses


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5 Reasons Property Managers Love Using BidSource


1. One to One Matching

Unlike other services, BidSource matches property managers to one contractor. Our team ensures contractors have the expertise to service your exact property type and capacity to complete the work. Following a review of your project, our team provides you with the contact information of one qualified contractor. Additionally, your information is shared with the contractor.

2. Qualified Third Bids

Finding qualified third bids during budget season is often challenging, it does not have to be. Simultaneously, wasting time finding qualified contractors grinds the budget process to a standstill. Do not let this happen at your property. In the event upper management or property owners require third bids, property managers can use BidSource to keep their budget process moving forward.

3. No Fees or Charges

First and foremost, there is no charge to use BidSource. Additionally, contractors can not pay to be part of our service network and they are no charged for leads. The service is entirely free for both parties, which is why it works!

4. Fast Turn Around

In addition to bids during budget season, BidSource matches property managers with contractors for repair, service, and emergency work. Since our team understands the critical nature of this work, our goal is matching contractors within 24 hours of receiving your project details.

5. Strong Contractor Network

Since we provide bids to property managers nationwide, we have one of the deepest and strongest contractor networks in the nation. In fact, we cover more than 30 core services and trades. While our fastest turnaround times for qualified bidders will be in major US cities, our network allows us to help property managers in 48 states.

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You can also send us an email with your project details or any additional questions you may have about using BidSource.

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