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Maintenance for Commercial Properties in Spring

Springtime is the season of new opportunities. As a property manager, take advantage of the new growth and rising temperatures by participating in a bit of spring cleaning and maintenance. After all, winters can wreak havoc on your property. At Property Manager Insider, we want to help you maintain a safe environment and safeguard your investments. Here are a few important repairs for commercial properties in spring.

It Starts With an Assessment

Your spring repairs should begin with an inspection and assessment of your commercial property. The basics of the inspection will include checks for:

  • Broken and loose pieces of pavement
  • Rotten and loose boards
  • Cracks in the foundation, patios, walkways, and parking lots
  • Missing and loose roof shingles
  • Chipped and peeling paint
  • Cracked or leaking windows
  • Erosion of the siding or masonry

All winter damage needs to be repaired to keep it from worsening or becoming a disaster in the coming months. This is especially true of any repairs that will prevent water intrusions. Click here to have Property Manager Insider’s BidSource locate a contractor to provide a free quote for any necessary repairs at your property this spring.

Properties May Require Cleanup

Spring is the best time to start clearing out any debris buildup from the colder months. Your property may have broken limbs, torn-up shrubs, trash, and other debris that can be a tripping hazard and give off the impression that you don’t care. In addition to removing all debris, consider having your walkways pressure washed to tidy them up and uncover any cracks or damage to the concrete.

Irrigation Systems Need Maintenance

Poor water drainage can lead to severe property damage. Floods, hardscape damage, and stagnant water can all pose significant risks to your property. Stagnant water, for example, provides ideal conditions for mosquitos to spread disease. All parts of your irrigation system, including the gutters, sprinklers, valves, and nozzles, should be inspected regularly. Ensuring the system is working properly will save you from many costly headaches down the road.

Life Can Return to Your Landscape

Cold winters can leave any property looking lackluster or neglected. A well-maintained landscape adds to your business’s curb appeal, but it also wards off mice, mosquitos, and other vermin. Poorly maintained turf provides a shelter for pests and critters that could cause health hazards. If you have noxious weeds or invasive species, there are eco-friendly techniques available to reduce pests on your property and reduce the risk of viruses and disease.

Look For Winter Roof Damage

Winter weather can cause a wide range of roof damage. This is especially true in areas of the country with harsh winter climates. As a result, property managers should schedule a roof inspection every spring and address any necessary repairs. This type of proactive roof maintenance is an important way to extend the useful life of your property’s roof. Click here for additional ways property managers can extend the useful life of their roof.

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