Flat TPO Roof With A Roof Maintenance Plan

How To Save Money With A Preventative Roof Maintenance Plan 

A commercial roof is an investment. Most commercial roofing systems have a 20–40-year life expectancy, but these numbers are not guaranteed, especially without regular maintenance. No matter your roofing system, enrolling in a preventative maintenance plan is a necessary step in ensuring that your roof stays intact and gives you the most time for your money.


Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative roof maintenance addresses issues that most commonly lead to deterioration and allow you to catch problems before they develop into more significant concerns and leaks. Your commercial roof should be protecting your building from the elements, but leaks and other problems can reduce your roofing system’s ability to do so.

If your commercial roof develops a leak, the damage caused to the interior of your building is generally more costly than regular maintenance. It can cause your building to be closed entirely while repairs are made. Property owners will often wait until an issue becomes visibly noticeable before calling in a roofing contractor. By waiting for issues to become visible, it is often too late to prevent further damage resulting in you paying more for emergency maintenance rather than employing preventative measures from the beginning.

Though preventative maintenance plans are an additional cost to your business, if you consider the cost of replacing your roof 10-20 years before the typical life expectancy, you will see the considerable savings that a preventative maintenance plan can return. If your commercial roof was installed with a guarantee or warranty, not providing a basic maintenance plan may result in your warranty becoming null and void.


How Should a Preventative Maintenance Plan Look?

All roofing systems are not created equal each preventative maintenance plan should be custom to your specific roof’s needs. Whether you choose to continue with the company that installed your roof or are going with a new contractor, preventative maintenance plans should include the necessary documentation to ensure that proper precautions are taken. Most roof maintenance plans will include most of the following items:

  • Removal of debris, rubble, leaves, and litter
  • Ensuring proper drainage of gutters, drains, and downspouts
  • Documentation of defects and points of deterioration
  • Repairing water-entry point defects
  • Examination and repair of flashing, vents, expansion joints, and equipment
  • Documentation of any other damage and recommendation for solutions

If you have concerns with what your preventative maintenance plan includes and what could incur additional fees, speak with your contractor and be sure to ask for documentation for your records.


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Roof Maintenance Record Keeping

Preventative roof maintenance truly begins with the installation of your roof. Maintaining records from the initial purchase, such as specifications, warranty documents, inspection reports, and invoices, is crucial in setting your plan up for success. Property managers should also request copies of every report and repair. This record keeping is very important in the event of a serious problem or commercial insurance claim due to storm damage.

It is also important that roofers are authorized and trained to work on a property’s specific type of roof. For example, a property with a TPO roof manufactured by GAF should hire a GAF certified roofing contractor. Using a manufacturer authorized roofing contractor guarantees their expertise in your particular roofing system. It can also prevent the manufacturer from voiding any product warranties.

Starting a Roof Maintenance Plan

It is never to late to launch a roof maintenance plan. The best place to start is by contacting a roofing contractor that specializes in commercial roofing. If your building will need a new roof soon, be sure to include a maintenance plan in your budget. Implementing a preventative roof maintenance plan will not only protect your investment but can also save you thousands in preventable damage.

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