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How-To Guide: Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lots may seem like something most people pay little attention to. In reality, they are the visitor’s first impression of your property and should be regularly maintained to ensure that it reaches its maximum serviceable life. A great-looking parking lot with excellent landscaping can really add to any commercial property’s curb appeal.

Asphalt parking lot problems can appear out of nowhere, so be sure to regularly inspect your lot to determine if there are areas of concern. Developing cracks, potholes, harsh weather, standing water, harmful oils, or gasoline leaks can all create corrosive issues that impact the life of your paved surface. Keeping your parking lot properly maintained will ensure that you catch problems early on which is often cheaper than a full parking lot replacement.

Performing routine repairs and maintenance will ensure that your lot remains in its best condition and reach its maximum useful life.

Clean Your Lot Regularly

Maintaining a cleaning schedule for your lot removes dirt and debris that would otherwise accumulate. Leaves, trash, and other debris create the right conditions for standing water which will ultimately weaken and deteriorate your lot. If you are noticing standing water in your lot, you may have other concerns that are creating the issue. Checking your drains for blockages regularly allows you to prevent long-term problems. It is best to sweep your lot regularly to keep it clean and uncover developing problems. Sweeping Corporation of America is a great resource for parking lot cleaning services in most major cities.

Spillage from leaky engines can also cause permanent damage to your lot. Chemical compounds in oil and gasoline eat away at the “glue” that holds asphalt together. This can lead to rapid deterioration; it is best to remove these as soon as they are noticed with dish soap or another oil-destroying agent. Regular cleaning of your lots will help keep them in the best condition for years to come with minimal repairs.

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

Weather conditions and heavy use can result in cracks in the surface of your parking lot. While small cracks do not necessarily indicate a major issue, they should be handled immediately to prevent them from worsening. Filling small cracks as needed is much easier and cheaper than repairing a large surface break or pothole.

During the winter months, the freeze-thaw cycle will cause any water that has seeped into existing cracks to freeze and expand, causing larger problems. Repairing cracks as they appear allows you to keep water and other chemicals from inside your asphalt, decreasing the need for larger repair. Stay ahead of larger repairs by repairing cracks as you see them. Rather than waiting for a sealcoat or full repave.

Sealcoating regularly protects your lot from erosion and can improve its strength and longevity. The frequency of sealcoating needed for your lot is dependent on weather and traffic patterns. However, it is recommended that the entire lot be resealed every few years to best preserve the working life of your asphalt.


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Further Protect Your Lot

After performing regular maintenance and resealing your lot, it is best to spread the wear and tear evenly. The constant pressure of vehicles driving in a particular pattern over your lot can lead to cracks and erosion. Restriping a parking lot to change the traffic pattern and parking spot orientation can help protect the asphalt surface of your lot.

Restriping your lot can provide many additional benefits. Clearly outlined parking spots lower confusion and may allow you to create a more efficient layout, increasing the number of available parking spots. It also allows you to meet ADA regulations to ensure that your parking lot is up to date with accessibility standards.

Adding additional landscaping, such as shade trees, can also protect your lot. Trees will improve appearance as well as aid in preventing soil erosion. Landscaped areas reduce storm water drainage problems and can help with providing cool shade to decrease sun damage. It is important to work with a trusted landscaping company to ensure that the correct trees are selected. It is best to avoid trees that drop messy or smelly fruits that can disrupt parking.

By following the steps above, you will ensure that your lot remains pristine and hazard-free for the full life of your lot.

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