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Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 70 percent of Americans view cleaning and disinfecting to keep them safe, according to the American Cleaning Institute. Now more than ever is your chance to seize on securing commercial cleaning bids to keep tenants happy. Commercial property cleaning saves you time and money and increases your reputation.

You get commercial cleaning bids by understanding your needs and knowing your budget. Moreover, research the cleaning company.

Here’s more on how to score commercial cleaning bids for your property.

Understand Your Needs

Cleaning commercial properties can take many forms, such as cleaning carpets, glass, kitchens, baths, and many more.

There are several things to consider to get the commercial cleaning bid process underway.

Create a List

Work with your commercial property managers to decide on a list of priorities. What needs cleaning? And how often?

Creating a list of the essential parts of your property will help you decide how best to clean your property. Consider spaces that get the most traffic. Some areas might clean daily, while others could see types of cleaning services weekly.

Do a Site Visit

Get out of the office and talk about what needs cleaning with people on the ground. A site visit gives you a first-hand look at how professionals cleaning commercial properties will best suit your company.

Talking with people on the front lines gets the most out of the commercial cleaning bid process.

Write It Down

Ditch the technology. Grab a pad and pen and write specific things down. Feel free to have others on the team do the same when considering types of commercial cleaning services.

Afterward, do an after-action report. Sit down with your team and share ideas and what works best. These tips will be best for cleaning bid drafts.

Know Your Budget

commercial cleaning bids

Cash flow problems are the number one reason small businesses fail. It is essential to understand your financial situation before creating cleaning bid drafts. Talk with your accounting department about how much money you will have to work with for your commercial cleaning budget.

Most importantly, it is essential to know your annual revenue. This is an excellent first step before determining your commercial cleaning budget.

Also, consider a contingency budget for your commercial cleaning budget in case there are extra expenses. A contingency is because it doesn’t throw the rest of your budget into chaos when there’s an emergency.

Hiring a professional company for cleaning a commercial property is cheaper than having your employees do the job.

Get A Cleaning Bid

Know What’s Included

Part of the negotiation process will be understanding what a commercial cleaning company will include in its services.

A contract helps both parties know what to include in the commercial cleaning.


Any contract should clearly state how much you will pay the cleaning company for their services. Will you pay hourly or daily, or will there be a set price for each month or week?

Also, get in writing how you will get the money for the commercial business. You should know if you will pay by check or electronic wire transfer.

Time of Day

Many businesses close at the end of the day, which is an excellent time for commercial cleaning crews to complete their job. Your employees and the cleaning crew are not in each other’s way.

Some cleaning operations may charge more for off-hours cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

After significant events or bad storms, your office may need a deep cleaning. Scrubbing hard-to-reach areas and moving furniture are required to ensure your property looks its best.

For example, you might want to include a deep clean after a resident moves out, or you have furnished apartments with corporate rentals.


Discuss how you will pay the cleaning company. Is the fee upfront? Will they require a deposit and full payment once they complete each job?

Talk with the cleaning company about paying the entire cost at the beginning of the contract. You might be able to get a cheaper rate.

Do Your Research

Regardless of what you think you might know about hiring a commercial cleaning company or putting together a bid, it’s best to investigate.

You will have peace of mind with your own information.

Ask for References

Ask any cleaning company for references. A cleaning company that’s proud of its work will be sure to give you a list of clients that represents their cleaning standards.

Call each of the businesses and talk with them about professionalism, budgets, and their work ethic. Before signing a contract, references will help you understand how each cleaning session works.

Talk With Others

People in the commercial property business have a vast network of professional organizations. Get on the phone and talk with each of these businesses about who they use for a commercial cleaning service! You will get the best information from valued and trusted sources in your field.

Even people outside of your specific business can help. Chambers of commerce and other business groups exist to help their fellow business owners network. Attend a meeting, banquet, or dinner to get the best information.

Read Online Reviews

Spend time reading online reviews of various cleaning companies. People are not shy about writing about how they feel online!

Online reviews will clearly indicate professionalism, timeliness, and even the types of cleaning chemicals used.

You can spend as little or as much time reading information online. And one of the best parts is you can do it at your own leisure!

Getting Commercial Cleaning Bids

Several things to know about getting commercial cleaning bids to include understanding your needs and knowing your budget. Knowing what’s included and doing your homework is also essential. Once you tackle these steps, you’ll be on your way to securing a commercial cleaning contract.

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