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How to Clean Residential Rental Property

Cleaning rental property is essential since it keeps the standards high and prolongs the life of the buildings. If you are the owner, you should always ensure that both the interior and exterior spaces are tidy all the time. It will create a lasting impression when tenants come looking for a place to live. Here are useful ways that you can utilize to ensure that the area is sparkling.

Start with the Kitchen

The kitchen is an area with a lot of zones that need a thorough cleaning. Therefore, you can start by wiping down the cupboards, windows, refrigerator, oven, microwave, and countertops. You need to use Eco-friendly detergents that don’t damage the appliances. Ensure that you focus on the microwave and fridge since they accumulate dirt the most. In addition to that, the sink also needs rigorous washing using vinegar. Baking soda is also a fantastic product to use as it gets rid of stubborn stains.

Bathroom Cleaning

The next area that you need to place your energy is the bathroom since no one wants to see dirty sinks and toilet bowls. You can start by scrubbing the bathtub and sinks using baking soda and white vinegar. Clean the faucets, countertops, and walls, as well as they attract a lot of soap while showering. Ensure that you wash the toilet bowls both inside and outside to give it a magnificent look. Don’t forget the doors together with the handles to make the whole area spotless.


The first thing that you need to check is the closets if they have any personal belongings. If they are clear of any items, you can wipe them to remove any dust and particles. Remove any cobwebs since they turn off new tenants. You can also dust the ceiling fans to make them clean for the next occupants. If there are markings on the wall, you can get rid of them using soap and water. Look at the ceiling if they have any dirt and wipe them to eliminate the filth.

Clean all Windows

Windows get dirty; hence, you need to clean them thoroughly from the inside and outside as well. Use a window cleaner that does an excellent job and doesn’t leave the glasses with white lines. In addition to that, you should utilize adequate water to remove the detergents so that the windows can become sparkling clean. For the inside windows, you need a clean cloth as you use side to side motions to remove dust.

Clean Floors and Vacuum Carpets

Now that you are done with the essential rooms, you can mop all the floors. You can include some scrubbing if the floors are utterly dirty. It will guarantee you a spotless house once someone walks in looking for a place to rent. Use clean water so that the stories will not have weird lines when you wind up the activity. Also, use safe detergents that will not cause any harm to you and the property. After that, you need to vacuum the carpets to remove all particles that have accumulated over time.

Disinfect the Property

Due to the current CoronaVirus pandemic, it is important property owners and managers disinfect rental units in between tenants. This ensures the safety of prospective renters during and owners during property tours. Electrostatic disinfecting with an EPA approved cleaning agent is an effective and affordable way to keep people safe. Traditional spray and wipe disinfecting techniques are a great alternative when electrostatic disinfecting is not an option.

Clean the Outdoor Space

The exterior is also vital since it is the first place people see when they visit your property. On that account, you need to mow the lawn and remove all weeds to boost the curb appeal. This way, the grass will look neat and inviting, as well. You can also trim bushes, hedges, and trees to make the place look fantastic. Work on the flower beds to ensure that they are in good condition. Another crucial thing to do is to wipe down the patio furniture, such as tables and chairs. Remember to clean the pool and take out all the floating particles too.

Wipe Light Fixtures and Replace Malfunctioned ones

All light fixtures inside and outside the house need to be clean and functional as well. Therefore, you need to replace bulbs that are flickering or not working at all. Ensure that you switch them off as you wipe them down for safety reasons. When they are clean, you will notice that they will be brighter than before.

Clean Inside and Outside the Garage

The garage is one place that many people forget to clean at always. For this reason, you need to tidy it up so that new clients can park their cars with sheer simplicity. You can begin by arranging items in an orderly manner to make the place look neat. Remove any stuff that you no longer require to make space for other things. Also, check on the garage door opener as well to make sure that it is working correctly.

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