How property managers can use Facebook to communicate with tenants

How Property Managers Can Use Facebook

Do you know the real value a great Facebook page can have for your property? Many property managers might think of Facebook as an afterthought, but it is actually a very powerful tool when leveraged correctly. There are tons of ways property managers can use Facebook. Below we look at three major ways property managers can use Facebook.

Keep Your Tenants in the Know

Facebook is an excellent channel for property managers to provide general updates and property information. Going to be a series of parking lot repairs over the weekend? Post it on Facebook. New property management office hours? Post it on Facebook. Hired a new member to the property management team? You get the idea! Just make sure to post information that is relevant to your tenants and does not contain any confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information. Want to make this even more effective? Encourage your tenants to find and like the property’s Facebook page.

Communicate One to One With Tenants

While property managers can use Facebook to make general updates about their property, it also provides an excellent one-to-one communication tool via Facebook Messenger. This function allows users to directly and privately message a property. This could be about a maintenance issue, a prospective resident inquiring about leasing office hours, or even an unreasonable tenant request. The best reasons to enable this function? Millions of people know how to use it and it’s totally free for a property to set up on their page. Just make sure to pay attention to messages, because users are unlikely to try messaging the page a second time if the first message goes unanswered.

Improve Your Property’s Online Reputation

Property managers can use Facebook to improve their property’s online reputation in two ways. First, it is a great place to collect online reviews, and the more positive online reviews your property can have, the better. Facebook reviews also rank highly in Google search results. Second, a well-maintained Facebook page with regular updates and posts conveys your property’s professionalism.

Getting Your Property Started

Creating a Facebook page for your property is incredibly easy. You will want to make sure it is a business page, and Facebook offers a great tutorial on how to set it up. Once your page is created, consider downloading the mobile “Facebook Page” app. This app will let you control most of the page functions on the go including responding to messages, notifications, and making posts.


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