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How Property Managers Are Increasing Security With Apartment Video Intercoms

Security is an important concern for multi-tenant residential buildings such as apartments and condos. Incidents can lead to financial loss, risk of liability, and damage to reputation that may in turn lower occupancy rates. Apartments must take appropriate measures to provide security, promote health safety, and ensure a seamless tenant experience. Building owners and managers are using modern apartment video intercoms to grant appropriate access and track accountability as to who is in the building. to mitigate these security concerns, promote health safety, and ensure a seamless tenant experience.

Contactless Visitor Management

Apartment complexes attract a multitude of visitors, including tenants’ guests, delivery people, and cleaning crews. Building management needs to provide secure and convenient access to these people in order to ensure safety and increase productivity. Legacy systems (such as doormen and front desk check in) are unable to meet these objectives. However, remote doormen and self-operated apartment video intercoms are making contactless visitor management possible. This technology authenticates visitors from a configurable distance, enabling a convenient access experience and creating a positive impression of your building. Two way video calling is facilitating communication between building managers and visitors, reducing the use of high touch surfaces. This helps promote a hygienic environment, which can be particularly precious in the age of COVID-19. With touchless visitor management, building owners can secure their tenants’ peace of mind while also facilitating a prompt check in experience.

Secure Delivery Management

We live in the age of e-commerce and food deliveries. Having front office staff scrutinize every delivery can lead to a lot of time and cost overheads. Apartment video intercom is helping facilitate secure and convenient access to authorized delivery people. Food delivery people can interact with the tenant via video intercom calling. Package delivery people may be provided with a one time pin for secure drop off. Not only does this increase convenience for everyone involved but also helps reduce package theft, save time, and minimize security management overheads.

Emergency Preparedness and Monitoring

Property managers are responsible for who is in their building at any one time. If anything happened, there is a need to account for all tenants and visitors in the building. Taking the right emergency preparedness steps is not just an option, it is a necessity. Apartment video intercoms maintain real time activity logs that are backed up in a cloud-based database. This not only enables remote visibility but also provides an audit track that can be referenced in case of emergency situations. Visitor management software, which may be integrated with intercom technology, allows property managers to relay important information to anyone that might be visiting the property.

Secure Access Management and Visibility

Visitor management systems can integrate with cloud based access controls to keep access consistent across one or several buildings. Property managers only need to login to a centralized dashboard to grant or revoke visitor access credentials. This not only ensures security but also enhances the visitor experience to create seamless and positive experiences in your property. Real time visibility via mobile phone or web browser gives you a snapshot of who is in your property at any given time.

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