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Searching for Apartment Manager Jobs

Taking the next step in your apartment management career can be a daunting proposition. This is true for even the most seasoned industry professionals. While a new opportunity is exciting, finding the right one can be challenging.

This challenge extends beyond landing an interview. Simply finding open opportunities that fit major criteria, such as location, salary, and property size is difficult. These resources, however, make it easier to find apartment manager jobs.


Major Job Search Sites

While these job search engines can be used in any industry, they are still a great tool for finding apartment manager jobs. Most apartment management companies will post career opportunities on these sites. This is especially true to senior and upper management roles.

The best part is these job boards are free for job seekers. However, make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are updated before applying to open positions.

Specialty Sites for Apartment Manager Jobs

While the major job boards are a great resource, apartment specific sites must be part of the process. These sites are multi-family specific, making it easier to find available apartment manager jobs. If the major job boards are not turning up the right opportunities, try these sites.

Due to the specific nature of these job boards, they have less frequent posts. However, they are all multi-family specific.

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College Job Boards and Career Fairs

Due to colleges touting hiring rates for alumni, college job boards are another resource for apartment manager jobs. This is especially true for colleges with real estate specific programs. Surprisingly, senior apartment manager jobs often wind up on college job boards. Since these positions can require advance degrees, the posts are targeted to graduate students with Master’s degrees.

In addition to college job boards, career fairs are another great opportunity to find apartment manager jobs. Major apartment management companies have ties to specific colleges and recruit directly from career fairs. This is a great opportunity to get face to face with recruiters responsible for hiring apartment managers.


Boutique Recruiting and Staffing Firms

While recruiters can be bothersome, they are a great resource for finding apartment manager jobs. This is especially true when using multi-family specific recruiting companies. Furthermore, recruiting firms can assist with finding jobs on a local, regional, or national level. These recruiting and staffing firms specialize in apartment manager jobs.

Each of these firms specifically serve the property management industry and focus on multi-family housing. The Emlin Group and Atarid Nationwide cover a wider range of apartment management positions. Meanwhile, The Cromwell Group specializes in executive and senior level personnel, while AAA Apartment Staffing offers temporary employment. One of these organizations can assist with any apartment manager job search.

For apartment managers not familiar with how apartment manager recruiting companies work, the process is pretty simple. First, recruiters interview job seekers, then introduce them to relevant companies with open positions. There is no cost to job seekerswork with recruiters, so they can be very beneficial when searching for apartment manager jobs.

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Waiting For The “Right” Apartment Manager Jobs

Being patient during the search for an apartment manager job is extremely important. Do not settle for a below average apartment manager salary, sub-par property, or inconvenient location. Even with these tools, it can still be challenging to find great apartment manager jobs.

Remember, job opportunities are constantly opening. It is important to check the appropriate resources regularly and sign up for job alerts to always know what is available. If the right opportunity is not immediately available, do not get discouraged. While it can take months, or even more than a year to find the right opportunity, it is worth the wait!

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