Extending Commercial Roof Life By Properly Clearing And Removing Snow

Extending Commercial Roof Life

Your commercial roof is one of your most important assets. It protects your property from the elements and can have a major impact on your energy efficiency. Additionally, replacing a commercial roof is expensive, with costs potentially exceeding $1,000,000. Add up these considerations, and it is easy to see why extending commercial roof life should be important to every property manager. Here are a few ways to do it.

Annual Roof Inspections

Identifying problems early is a proven strategy for extending commercial roof life. Hire a roof consultant to inspect your roof on an annual basis. While roofers do this work, it can be beneficial to hire a consultant. Roof consultants give unbiased opinions since they do not actually perform repairs or service work. Whether you hire a consultant or ask your go-to roofer, make sure to have your roof inspected yearly. RCI is an international association of building envelope consultants and a great resource for locating a knowledgeable roof consultant.

Clear Roof Debris

If debris builds up on your roof it can lead to multiple problems including mold, mildew, and fungus. It can also cause gutters to clog which in turn causes water to pool, which puts unnecessary stress on your roof. Eliminating the threat of these problems will help extend the life of your roof. This is especially relevant to property managers with properties near trees or in wooded areas.

Have a Winter Roof Prep Plan

In many major cities, winter weather brings harsh conditions including freezing rain, ice storms, and heavy snowfalls. Properly preparing your commercial roof for winter is a surefire way to extend its useful life. While it can’t eliminate potential damage from winter weather, it can go a long way to reducing the harmful effects. Most winter roof preparation plans include checking insulation, clearing debris, and inspecting drainage systems.

Invest in Preventative Maintenance

Extending commercial roof life is all about taking care of your roof, which is why a roof maintenance plan is a great investment. This is especially relevant for older properties in markets with harsh winter weather. This is no different than taking your car in for an oil change. The best part is that most roof maintenance plans will include annual inspections, roof cleaning, and winter weather prep.

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