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Expert Marketing Strategies for Commercial Properties

When you own, manage, or lease a commercial property, finding clients to fill your vacant spaces is a top priority. Vacancies hurt your bottom line and your other tenants who see a decrease in sales when a neighboring space is left vacant. To keep your commercial property fully leased, you need a marketing campaign that stands out and draws clients in. Here are three expert marketing strategies for commercial properties that will help you avoid long stretches without a tenant.

Use Technology to your Advantage

While a personal touch is still vitally important, gone are the days when a business card and a brochure will attract many clients to your property. In today’s fast-paced world, technology is king. Use technology to your advantage to help you attract prospective tenants and seal the deal. The following are just a few ways that you can use technology in your marketing strategy.

  • Advertise properties on your own website and commercial real estate sites
  • Cross advertise your properties on social media – especially LinkedIn
  • Create a separate website for marketing your properties
  • Use digital images or video to produce a virtual tour of your properties
  • Send an email blast to quickly tell people about your available space


Use Print Marketing Wisely

Even with the use of cutting-edge technology, you may want to continue using printed materials to market your properties. Postcards, flyers, and brochures provide something tangible for prospective clients and can be used in part to direct traffic to your online presence. By tracking your mailings, interest in properties, and existing clients, you can also ensure that printed materials reach those most likely to have an interest in your available space. Additionally, using templates and top-of-the-line programs can streamline the process of producing print materials, saving you time and money while producing professional products.

Start Building Relationships Early

Even with the best-printed materials and the best use of technology, closing the deal requires building the right relationship with prospective clients and staying on top of it. However that relationship starts, make sure to be consistently market to your prospects, even when you do not have space available. Email marketing is cost-effective, Mailchimp offers free accounts, and a great way to send out monthly or quarterly updates to your prospects. LinkedIn is another great avenue for connecting with prospects and posting about your available commercial spaces.

When you are ready to develop an expert marketing strategy for your property, make sure to combine multiple marketing channels to maximize how many people you can reach and the ways you can reach them. Remember, if you start marketing when a space becomes available, you are way too late!

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