Commercial Wood Coatings Restored Wood Boardwalk Through Sand Dunes

Commercial Wood Coatings for Property Managers

In general, working with wood surfaces at a commercial property is challenging. This is because they require maintenance, create safety hazards and are expensive to replace. Additionally, it can be difficult to find qualified contractors that specialize in working with wood. While this is true of any wood surface, it is especially true for exterior wood surfaces, which are frequently exposed to the elements. As a result, commercial wood coatings were developed for property managers struggling to find a solution to these common issues.

Benefits of Commercial Wood Coatings

Instead of replacing damaged wood surfaces, property managers can use commercial wood coatings to restore them. This saves property managers significant amounts of money because coating damaged wood is less expensive than replacing it. In general, this is the biggest benefit of commercial wood coatings.

Other benefits of commercial wood coatings stem from restoring versus replacing the surface. Additional benefits of applying a commercial wood coating include:

  • Filling cracks and chips
  • Locking down dangerous splinters
  • Requiring zero to no maintenance
  • Creating non-skid surfaces
  • Eliminating annual staining and painting

The final benefit of restoring wood surfaces at a property is minimal down time. Completely tearing out and replacing a boardwalk or pier can takes weeks or months. Applying a commercial coating to restore the same surface can take days, minimizing the disruption caused by the project. Commercial floor coatings and commercial wood coatings are similar in the way they restore old surfaces.

Commercial Wood Coating Applications

Although commercial wood coatings have existed for years, they are still relatively unknown to property managers. As a result, few property managers know about common applications. Frequently these include restoring:

  • Docks and piers
  • Boardwalks and beach walkways
  • Decks and gazebos
  • Wooden bridges and paths
  • Walking and biking trails

While these are some common applications for commercial wood coatings, they can be used to restore almost any exterior wood surface. The most common users include communities and properties with beach access, marinas, boardwalks or wood decks. It is important property managers address trip hazards on these types of surfaces to reduce safety risks and avoid legal consequences.

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