Apartment Parking Lot Covered In Snow For Multifamily Parking Policy Tips

Multifamily Parking Policy Tips

Multifamily Parking Policy Tips   At many multifamily properties, resident parking issues create major headaches for property managers and residents. While occasional issues are unavoidable, a strong parking policy reduces parking problems. In fact, most residents appreciate a strong parking policy. There is nothing worse that not having parking at the end of a long Read more about Multifamily Parking Policy Tips[…]

5 Tips For Dealing With A Tenant Not Paying Rent

Tenant Not Paying Rent?   Regardless of how many times it has happened, it is never a good feeling when you have a tenant not paying rent. It can be uncomfortable, disheartening, and upsetting. While this is never a fun scenario, there are plenty of things property managers can do to resolve the situation. The Read more about 5 Tips For Dealing With A Tenant Not Paying Rent[…]

Taking the certified property manager test

Certified Property Manager Essentials

How To Become A Certified Property Manager   If you’re an organized person who likes talking to people, solving problems, and managing responsibilities at once, then you need to become a certified property manager. Property managers are the glue that holds the commercial real estate rental industry together. They work with owners to rent out Read more about Certified Property Manager Essentials[…]

landlord Tenant Laws with Gravel on top

Landlord Tenant Laws Every Property Manager Needs to Know

5 Must Know Landlord Tenant Laws   Renters comprise over one-third of U.S. Households. As a result, good property managers are a much-needed asset in the rental housing market and need to be aware of landlord tenant laws. The property manager’s job consists of many responsibilities. These include inspecting properties, coordinating maintenance, handling rent, and Read more about Landlord Tenant Laws Every Property Manager Needs to Know[…]

Bid Proposal On Paper With Reading Glasses For BidSource Blog

Introducing Property Manager Insider’s BidSource

What is BidSource? BidSource is the leading online tool property managers use to find contractors. Using project information, it matches property managers with qualified local contractors that specialize in working with property management companies. Let’s say you needed to find an apartment painting contractor or laundry equipment provider for a multi-family property. Just submit your Read more about Introducing Property Manager Insider’s BidSource[…]

Top Apartment Amenities to Attract Millennials Include Roof Top Pools and Tennis Courts

Top Apartment Amenities to Attract Millennials

Top Apartment Amenities to Attract Millennials Unless you manage a specialty multi-family property, your property better appeal to millennials. With the student debt exceeding $1.4 trillion and affordable housing inventories at all time lows, millennials are prime targets for apartment leasing offices. However, they are looking for more that just a place to live when Read more about Top Apartment Amenities to Attract Millennials[…]

Emergency Response Plans for Property Managers

Evacuate or Shelter Place?   Should a property evacuate or shelter in place during a bomb threat? How do you respond to a suspicious package on your property? While no property manager wants to answer these questions, knowing the answer can save lives during an emergency. Recent bombing incidents in Texas are a sobering reminder Read more about Emergency Response Plans for Property Managers[…]

Row of commercial washing machines for laundry room leases at multifamily properties

Laundry Room Leases: Understanding The Basics

Laundry Room Leases 101   At the most basic level, a laundry room lease is similar to a commercial real estate. While property managers might think they are leasing equipment, that is not the case. The laundry equipment provider is actually the lessee and the property manager is the lessor. They are leasing the space Read more about Laundry Room Leases: Understanding The Basics[…]

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