Benefits of virtual doormen include safe package delivery to apartment residents

Benefits Of Remote Doorman Services

Remote Doorman Services Exploding in Popularity   The average cost of a traditional 24-hour doorman is $177,000 per year. While this is necessary for luxury properties in major cities, it is not realistic for the majority of multi-family properties. For that reason, the popularity of remote doorman services is exploding. A cost effective alternative, remote Read more about Benefits Of Remote Doorman Services[…]

Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps in Wood Letters On Background

Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps: Worth Investing?

  5 Benefits of Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps   Developing a mobile app for your multi-family property is a major investment with potential costs running well over $10,000. While multi-family property mobile apps are a major investment, they also offer tremendous benefits to both residents and property managers. Here are 5 reasons to consider investing Read more about Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps: Worth Investing?[…]

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