LED Lighting Retrofits Inside Warehouse Spaces To Boost Employee Morale

Industrial Property Improvements Help Retain Tenants

Industrial properties are seeing a resurgence in the United States. Part of this boom is attributed to the rise in E-commerce which has significantly increased demand for distribution centers and warehouses. As more jobs are created inside industrial spaces, it is important to consider who interior spaces impact employee morale.

It is proven that dirty, poorly light working spaces hurt not just employee morale, but also productivity. As a result, industrial property managers should explore projects that boost employee morale. In turn, these projects can also help attract and retain tenants, who are constantly aware of working conditions. Here are 5 great industrial property improvements to consider in 2023.

1. Renovate Employee Areas

Renovating or remodeling employee spaces, including kitchens, breakrooms, and bathrooms, is another way industrial property and facility managers can boost employee morale. These areas are frequently used to take a break from work. Investing in modern, clean, and functional upgrades demonstrates a commitment to employees. Great ways to improve employee areas include:

  • Offering free WiFi/internet access
  • Upgrading to modern appliances
  • Providing computers for personal use
  • Installing a high quality coffee machine
  • Renovating bathroom facilities
  • Creating an employee fitness center

Industrial property improvements that upgrade employee areas are a surefire way to boost morale. These types of projects, both big and small, demonstrate a commitment to providing a high quality employee environment. Click here to have Property Manager Insider locate a qualified general contractor to provide a free bid for a renovation or remodeling project at your property or facility.

2. LED Lighting Upgrades

Dimly light interiors at industrial properties are proven employee morale killers. No one wants to work in a poorly lit factory, warehouse, or distribution center. Poor lighting inside industrial properties also leads to lower employee performance. This is why LED lighting upgrades are one of the best industrial property improvements facility managers can invest in.

Retrofitting to LED not only brightens facilities, it also makes them more energy efficient. Efficiency improvements include reduced energy and lighting maintenance costs. Finally, there are federal tax incentives available to industrial properties to offset a portion of LED Lighting retrofit costs. One well known deduction, known as the Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction, was made permanent in 2021.

3. Polish Concrete Floors

Nobody wants to work in a facility with dark and dirty concrete floors. This is why polishing concrete floors is one of the top industrial property improvements to boost employee morale. After a concrete floor is polished it well have better reflectivity and make work spaces brighter. Another benefit of polishing industrial concrete floors is increased slip resistance. These are both great benefits for employees.

Industrial property and facility managers can also benefit from polished concrete floors. Additional benefits include lower maintenance costs, reduced tire wear from forklifts and vehicles, and a useful life that can exceed 50 years. Additionally, polished concrete floors are nearly impervious to water and fluids.

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4. Create Outdoor Break Spaces

At many industrial facilities, employees spend the majority of their time indoors. This is true for manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, and more. As a result, creating opportunities to take work breaks outdoors is a surefire way to boost morale. According to Forbes, outdoor work breaks increase productivity, boost energy, and relieve stress.

Industrial facility managers can install a gazebo or pavilion with picnic benches to provide outdoor dining areas. If you already have an outdoor area, considering replacing the furniture or enhancing the landscaping. Once an industrial property has a quality outdoor break area, extending WiFi to cover the space is a great way to increase employee use.

5. Repaint Old Equipment

Similar to polishing concrete floors, repainting old equipment, tanks, racks, and machinery can boost employee morale within industrial facilities. It will give equipment a refreshed appearance and can also brighten indoor areas. Combined with polishing floors and installing LED lights, equipment painting can completely makeover the production area of an industrial property.

Industrial property managers should make sure to consult a specialist and not a general commercial painter when getting equipment painting bids. Painting certain types of heavy industrial equipment and machinery requires both specific types of paint and highly specialized skills.


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