Benefits of remote doorman services include safe package delivery to apartment residents

Remote Doorman Services Exploding in Popularity

The average cost of a traditional 24-hour doorman is $177,000 per year. While this is necessary for luxury properties in major cities, it is not realistic for the majority of multi-family properties. For that reason, the popularity of remote doorman services is exploding. A cost effective alternative, remote doorman services provide a host of benefits to multi-family properties beyond what their name implies. As a result, we are breaking down how they benefit residents and property managers.

Benefits of Remote Doorman Services for Residents

The most noteworthy benefit of remote doorman services for apartment residents is the safe handling of packages. Amazon delivers over 608 million packages in the United States every year. As a result, package theft from doorsteps has become a problem. A remote doorman is there to receive them. Here’s how they do it:

  • Delivery men contact the remote doorman via two way video chat
  • They verify the delivery and remotely unlock the door
  • Packages are safely and securely placed inside the property
  • Residents get a package alert via text message

Due to the projected increase in deliveries, this has become one of the major selling points for remote doorman services. Furthermore, package alert systems coupled with smart lockers are considered a top 10 apartment community amenity.

Benefits of Remote Doorman Services for Property Managers

While residents love the benefits of a remote doorman, the service offers key benefits to property managers as well. As a result of how they work, a remote doorman makes properties safer. The remote monitoring and opening of entry doors provides a host of security benefits. Consequently, they can help attract long term residents and lower complaints. Here are other ways remote doorman services make properties safer:

  • Remotely open doors 24-7-365 for locked our residents
  • Unlock doors for emergency personnel (police, EMT, firefighters)
  • Provide safe access to service companies
  • Alert management if doors are jammed or left open
  • Provide scheduled entry to resident’s guests and keep a visitor log

Almost any property without a doorman, traditional or remote, can benefit from these security features. While it sounds expensive, many properties with intercoms already have the necessary wiring in place for a system. Doorman:24, a leading remote doorman service, charges no upfront costs to these properties.

Using a remote doorman at your property? Send us an email with how it is working and let us know if there are any “hidden” benefits we missed!


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