Industrial Washing Machines In Multifamily Laundry Room Controlled with Laundry Mobile Apps On Smartphones

Benefits of Laundry Room Mobile Apps

While apartment residents love in-unit laundry equipment, it is simply not a viable option at many multi-family properties. As a result, many properties still offer common area laundry rooms. Consequently, property managers are responsible for delivering a great laundry room experience to residents. One great way to do this is by offering a laundry room mobile app.

According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans own a smartphone, and ownership has increased every year since 2011. As a result, the majority of apartment residents are ready to start using a laundry room app the moment it becomes available. Here are the major benefits of laundry room apps and the common problems they resolve.

Easy Laundry Room Payments

The biggest convenience of laundry room mobile apps is making the entire payment process easier. Here’s a quick summary of how laundry room mobile app payments work:

  • Residents install the mobile app on their smartphone
  • Funds are added to the app using credit or debit cards
  • Machines are started directly in the app or by scanning QR codes
  • Payments are deducted from the residents account balance

Additionally, laundry room mobile apps eliminate the need for residents to carry laundry cards. They also make it easier for residents to check their account balances and request refunds. This can reduce calls about payment issues to the laundry equipment provider and property management office.

Real Time Monitoring

In addition to easy payments, laundry room mobile apps also allow for real time laundry room monitoring. This is possible because the mobile app and machines are constantly connected over WiFi. Surprisingly, this creates a host of additional benefits for residents. For example, residents can see if machines are available right in the app without leaving their unit. Another benefit is mobile push notifications. Rather than running down to see if a load is complete, a mobile notification is sent as soon as the cycle is finished.

Eliminating Laundry Room Complaints

While no technology is perfect, laundry room mobile apps certainly go a long way to eliminating laundry room complaints. Here’s a few common issues and frustrations they resolve for residents who have been using coin and smart card operated washers and dryers:

  • Needing coins and/or broken change machines
  • Lost laundry room payment cards
  • Going online to reload payment cards
  • Waiting for refunds from pre-loaded payment cards
  • Going to the laundry room only to find all machines in use
  • Immediate service requests for offline machines

By resolving these problems for residents, laundry room mobile apps make life easier for property managers. This is simply because fewer resident complaints mean fewer headaches for property managers. Worried about complaints from residents that do not own a smartphone? In this case, most laundry equipment providers will install a hybrid solution. Even if residents do not own a smartphone they can still hybrid solutions allow residents to pay by coin, smart card, and mobile app. In either case, residents will have an easy payment option.

Laundry Room App Providers

At the present time, laundry room mobile apps are offered by most major equipment providers. Somewhat surprisingly, there is typically no charge to get an app set up. Although it does require a WiFi connection in the laundry room, which can create an expense. Even if your property has older machines, it can be possible to retrofit them to work with a mobile app. In the event your machines are not compatible, consider leasing new laundry room equipment. When considering a new lease, just make sure it does not have any hidden fees that can impact laundry room revenue. Here’s our list of the top multi-family housing laundry companies around the country:

FMB Laundry – Serving the mid-Atlantic from New Jersey to Virginia

All Valley Washer Service – Serving all of California

Coin-O-Matic– Serving all of Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana

Automatic Laundry – Serving all of New York City and New England

Caldwell & Gregory – Serving 20 states plus the District of Columbia from New Jersey to Texas.

Aaxon Laundry Systems – Serving all of Florida

Commercial Equipment Company – Serving all of Texas and Louisiana

M Laundering – Serving all of Michigan

Excalibur Laundries – Serving all of California and Arizona

Washington Automated – Serving all of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

Automatic Industries – Serving all of New York City

WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems – Serving clients nationwide

Coin Meter – Serving all of Oregon and southern Washington

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